Poor MLAs–Do they really deserve sympathies?

Low paid as the poor MLAs in Uttar Pradesh are, they find it difficult to even offer a cup of tea to the visitors to them. This is what they are saying. They also claim that their statement as such has to be taken on its face value come as it does from them, the Manneeya Vidhayak. They are actually part timers in politics in their capacity as MLAs., as basically they are either farmers, business men, teachers are some thing else which sumptuously fetches to them an independent earning, besides drawing around Rs.50,000/ a month in their capacity as an MLA or MLC. They have now raised a  demand for increasing their salary as such. Based on their statement of income while filing their nominations during the last elections, Association For Democratic Reforms has submitted a detailed report which says that nearly 271 MLAs (67% of total) in the Uttar Pradesh government have their income as more than a crore of rupees and a large number of them have much more than that. They are running the government and as masters they are of whatever they survey they are free to fix up any amount as their salary and allowances for them, and this is an area where all of them unusually behave as good boys showing their unanimity on the issue. This is unfair and a sheer misuse of the system. The demand so raised is all in the name of soaring prices. The records show that the same thing already happened in the case of the Members of Parliament when they unanimously agreed in the House to raise their monthly emoluments to more than a lakh of rupees. If soaring prices could be a basis for them, why it can’t be applied to all drawing some salary or the other in the country as they are the ones most adversely affected on account of the soaring prices.


11 thoughts on “Poor MLAs–Do they really deserve sympathies?”

  1. sir, soaring prices are effecting only the M.L.As and M.Ps and not the general public. The poor pensioners are fighting for their increase in pension but the govt has no time to listen , even the supreme court does not have the time to settle the issue and has transferred the case to Delhi high court. These M.L.As are the rulers and can do any thing which they like. They are not the servant of the public but are the masters of the public funds.

    Raj Kumar Negi


  2. Our politicians,I mean policy & law maker are moving on the way of Itly.Recently I have heard by my son who had visited to Itly during his bisiness tour who had been told by a Taxi Driver that Govt. of my country is looting badly,he further given detail of expences on M.Ps.According to this Driver a M.P. is drawing more than 1,10000.00 U.S.D. per month including 1000 dollar for offering a cup of tea to visitors beside the said amount he is provided four high vallue cars with Driver and other maintenance expences.


  3. powerful post.The rape crimes are atrocities in the 3rth world countries and all over the world . Hopefully laws will change to protect the victims.In the Middle – East the criminal who commit these horrible acts are still protected for raping their wives.Jalal


  4. Sir You have correctly called MLAs ‘poor MLAs’ as they always hike their salary and perks as they wish. This hike process need no committee, no negotiation and no agitation but resolution passed silently and sometimes clandestinely. The legislature houses are meant for making laws for public welfare. But the entire time of the houses is exhausted in shouting and noise. Indeed these fellows are extremely poor passing through mental penury.


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