If a priest openly supports a criminal?

Strange, but this is an era where priests in general are not supposed to confine themselves to practicing things like non-violence and peace oriented missions. Many of them at times are much worse than the top level goons committing loots and killings themselves, or this they do by supporting those indulging in such crimes impliedly. Raja Bhaiya (Raghuraj Pratap Singh) of Kunda (Pratapgarh) hardly needs any introduction, more so after his involvement in the killing of a police officer of a Dy. S.P. rank, Ziaul Haq. There is hardly any one to support him in such a heinous crime excepting a few and far between for some political reason or the other. One such exception is Yogi Adityanath of Gorakhnath temple at Gorakhpur, a BJP M.P. who has openly come out to support Raja Bhaiya telling that his involvement in the case is the result some conspiracy by certain vested interests. Unmindful of his own party (BJP)’s potential wrath in the matter and criticism from several other quarters, he maintains that he (Raghuraj Pratap Singh) should not have been proceeded against. He is the same Yogi Adityanath, who once opposed tooth and nail the entry of Babu Singh Kushwaha, a minister in Mayawati’s cabinet and later expelled by her from the party on serious charges of corruption , into the fold of BJP. Double standard for any politician, be it a priest or any thing otherwise, is not a new thing, nor there is any thing much surprising in it as it is the order of the day. Be it a crime or some sainthood, both are viewed by the politicians like Adityanath in equal measure. Supporting a criminal is as good a crime for any body as committing it by himself, and this is in the fitness of the things if Yogi Aditynath himself is identified as a criminal only for standing by the side of a man who is dead deep involved in the criminal activities of the worst order.


9 thoughts on “If a priest openly supports a criminal?”

  1. Sir Yogi Adityanath is not a priest. He belongs to Gorakgh sampraday of yogis having a instinct of militancy against the attacks on Hinduism. Raja Bhaiya is a known figure for his dictatorship and up to some extent cruelty in his area. The charge of killing Ziaul Haq has been alleged upon Raja Bhaiya by the wife of slain-ed Dy S.P. It is fact. such type of heinous crime throwing open challenged to law and order can not take place without the consent of Raja Bhaiya. But there it may also be a case and conspiracy of internal conflicts in state ruling party as stated by Yogi Adityanath. Yogi is too a shrewd politician so his statement should be taken in that light.


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