‘RapeMe’, says an Ad–What does it denote?

These are the days of massive publicity and that is what has become the key note theme for publicising different products. Vocabulary falls short of the required amount of stimulating words to attract the buyers to various commodities with the result that the dealers work full time to secure necessary provocative names from the very existing words. As if there is no limit to usage of vulgarly provocative language, there are the dealers always prepared to go to any length for the purpose of an aggressively suggestive propaganda. It happens many a times that you are engrossed in some serious work on line on your lap top and all of a sudden some ad flashes on the screen most unwantedly. I fell a victim to this and while perusing the contents of an important message I came across an ad appearing as ‘RapeMe’ to publicise a brand of girls shirts. I am sure there is no dearth of buyers of such a brand, mainly so from the side of the girls themselves, but what ridiculous sort of a message it carries with it, and to whom it is addressed. The whole country is concerned on the every day growing incidents of  rapes and gang rapes including New Delhi gang rape case which occurred only some time back. Most shocking is that the women, particularly girls, at times behave themselves most provocatively by using a suggestive dress in a wildest sort of a form like ‘RapeMe’ vividly written both on the front and back of their shirt. After all, dealers are not fools to manufacture a product to just keep it in their go downs, they know thoroughly well that the it has to elicit a tremendous response from the side of the girls. If the women themselves are not vigilant enough about their safety and security, any amount of efforts made by any forum, including very much the government itself, is bound to go a flop. A pointer like this is not aimed at talking against modernisation, it does warrant a due caution on the part of the women themselves. Those dealing in such products of highly a suggestive nature require to be banned.

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11 thoughts on “‘RapeMe’, says an Ad–What does it denote?

  1. I doubt any one would wear that shirt..male or female. I’ve having a hard time believing that someone is even manufacturing such a garment..but I have also learned that anything is possible..although I doubt this shirt is sell-able. At least I pray it isn’t!


  2. There should be strict law for advertisement also ,How far ad -world can go, there are some social limit.It also .It Should be realised in every field of life.


  3. Very rightly said,women need to respect their integrity first before anyone else tries to hit them even wth words.The words we use always have a permanent effect on everything around us and very few nowadays know or realize.A loosely spoken word even for a sense of humour can have damage unseen and unparalled. As far as the brand wth such a disgusting heading goes,I feel there is some rock band which has got such lyrics and it claims to be a hit… So people become blind when it comes to labels and brand,forgetting the brands do not show their status,instead the choice shows their depth of their character..be it man or a woman.


  4. Very strange facts.


  5. This should be discouraged




  7. Sir This was an astounding advertisement and extremely shameful too. It is the duty of the governments to check such type of obscene adds. International cyber laws should be introduced to deal these things by stern measures. If not done so the human civilization shall be endangered paving the path leading towards animal-ism and barbarism. Women organizations too must come forward and oppose such insulting presentations vehemently.


  8. Hilarious! You would have to be seriously dumb? As thick as two short planks, nailed end-to-end. To wear such a garment. I wonder what their sales figures are?

    Obviously, the manufacturers have to have a screw or two loose?

    Still the general public is being raped, on all sorts of levels. Mostly, by those who govern. Once their nose is in the public trough, it’s hard to pull it out. Corruption and lies, are all forms of rape and pillage. http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/03/05/how-baghdad-became-a-city-of-corruption/

    It’s not just girls who get raped. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/291641.html


  9. shyammohanmisra March 7, 2013 — 5:06 am

    It is ridiculous.


  10. sounds like a perfect *****


  11. Oh – Limit of vulgarity.


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