A women’s only bank–an isolation or an accommodation?

As declared by the Indian Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, a women’s only bank is to be formed exclusively for the ladies,  manned and managed entirely by themselves. Looks ideal and in tune with every now and then raised voice for some special status to women folk, but how effectively it may prove to work will be known only after it starts working. In a way, it looks like isolating the women from the main stream. It sounds like creating an isolated compartment for the ladies where they may have no chance to inter act with their male counterparts. It’s not that the ladies don’t want to mix up with the men, this is rather some thing  which they want, and need too, very much from the social point of view. This is no doubt being done solely from security for women angle, but can they be segregated in a manner which distances them from the men. Security is a big area of menace for the women, true, but it’s like being chased away outside the main arena of the people. This is not the logical way of approach, as better it is for the government to take effective  measures in the matters of security, obviously more so in the case of the ladies, in general. Banking is somewhat a remote area so far as the activities in general day today routine are concerned, rather it is one of the hundreds of routine activities concerning the women as they are required to move outside their house hold for shopping, education, services varying from one organisation to another, travelling, and what not. For every thing there can’t be a separate compartment sort of thing for them, or for any other category of  people in the society. The remedy actually lies more in providing adequate security measures in general, and isolating ladies, or any other category for that purpose, is no effective a step.


12 thoughts on “A women’s only bank–an isolation or an accommodation?”

  1. A women:s only bank is a concept of the Finance minister to please his boss Mrs Sonia Gandhi but actually the banker knows the practical difficulties. I could not under stand the concept .What is that?
    (1) The bank will be run by the women only.
    (2)The customers will be only ladies/women
    (3) The security will be by the women only
    (4) in which areas it will be opened,and if it is opened in the villages , what will be the mode of convince , and working hours .
    (5)How many women employees will be in the branch
    (6)what will be the relief arrangements
    (7) as the bank is for the women , the medical leave will be far more longer period due to their family ways
    (8) Why this disparity against men
    (9) Is there any bank for men only in India
    (10) This is only a division among men and women ,as every bank and every its branch has always welcomed the women/ladies as their customer as well as their employees , then why this is a new concept.

    In may view Mr finance minister has given this idea to please the women for the Vote Bank as he knows this time the congress is not going to win the election. The finance minister has done nothing for the senior citizens no relief in Income Tax , In pension , 100% D.A. and 50% Pension of the last drawn salary . every day there is increase in the petrol and other essential commodities , The inflation rate is high.




  3. This is fudging the issues ……. what does a women’s exclusive bank has to do with poor law and order issues?

    Moreover I perceive it is as more of divide and rule polity.


  4. I think it is only a notional preparation of finance minister for the purpose to attract
    women otherwise such experiment will not be able to give any positive result.


  5. Sir The existing government now seems directionless hence steps taken lacks genuineness and relevancy. Many of the public sector banks have ladies branches at required spots. But declaration of a separate bank for ladies is nothing but a political gimmick and going to pay nothing to government. The political parties have almost ruined the entire public sector enterprises for their evil targets. Now they have focused on banks particularly. A strong banking system in India is now leading to a ill-fated road. All concerned should take note of it to save it from the serious consequences ahead.


  6. While I can appreciate the idea of a “women’s bank”. It seems that if women truly want equality? Then this thing would actually set them back in their attempts to achieve equality.

    Recently, an American woman Vonn. Has be trying to race in downhill races, on the men’s circuit. While I have little more than thinly veiled interest, in going downhill fast on sticks. It still seemed to me that her attempts would backfire? As soon as any successful challenge to allow women to compete in men’s athletic events. It leaves a door wide open for a cross challenge; by men, to race in women’s events.

    Hence the arguments used by women, to enter male only clubs. Is further eroded. By setting up a “women’s bank”. As the moment an exclusively women’s only, anything. Then becomes a signal for many other men’s only institution’s and clubs. It would set the equality movement back. As it it would be a lightening rod, of sorts. As it would be said, if you want equality with something that is “men only”. Then set up your own.

    While there are plenty of wealthy women, like the Bettancourts. They usually enjoy more success around men, than with other women. Women who despite the usual associations of nurturing,etc. Can also be mean-hearted, when it suits them. Hence the aspect of Parvarti, that is Kali.


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