The other river, Yamuna:

Sangam at Allahabad (India) is the confluence of three rivers –Ganga (Ganges), Yamuna and Saraswati. Saraswati has gone obliviously invisible now with the passage of time leaving the confluence as confined to Ganga and Yamuna only. Ganga is traditionally worshipped more right from the days when Bhageerath, as the Hindu mythology says, could bring it on earth from the heaven. During Mahakumbh this year, quite like in the past, the entire focus of the devotees was basically on the Ganga only putting Yamuna in a secondary position paying much less attention to it. Starting point of Ganga is Gangotri in the Himalayas and so is Yamuna starting from Yamnotri. Both the rivers serve the purpose of salvation, as per belief of the people, by taking a dip into them. Both of them served the purpose of transport in the olden days fetching people and goods from one place to another in the absence of any alternative resource available in those days. Both the sacred rivers are victims to a large scale pollution, but here again Yamuna is neglected most by the governmental machinery and several other organisations raising their voice against it, of course in the vacuum only till now. Nothing positive has materialised till date in that direction. At least the very attention, big or small, that is paid towards the Ganga, with results or without results, is required to be equally shared with Yamuna. Yamuna, after all, is equally the very source of life to the people, the capital of India, New Delhi, in particular, and warrants the peremptorily launched remedial measures in the matter of pollution. Devotees too, including sadhus,  are required to pay more respectful an attention to it as even the Ganga claims that it is Yamuna only which forms its force and strength from Sangam onwards to Ganga Sagar, the point of both the rivers merging themselves to the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean.

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11 thoughts on “The other river, Yamuna:


    We are seventy five percent water and twenty five percent solid. To destroy water is to destroy ourselves. …….. Go figure?


    1. Very nice a pointer it is when you say “To destroy water is to destroy ourselves”. My sincere thanks for the comment.


  2. Often we tend to forget the one which is less prominent,famous or we take for granted the presence of such lives. Be it humans or rivers,Man always forgets the virtue of remaining grateful and neglects the nature. Delhi itself is surrounded by a world of crimes,murders,confusion,distortion ,politics…where do they have time for such a noble cause! Its only when the water in the tap in our household stops flowing …does a mind starts thinking about the value of such an action…




  4. Appreciable analysis of importance between Ganga and Yamuna .This reminds me the analysis on RAMAYAN by Shri Mathli Saran Gupt ( Hindi poet) who highlighted and proved with proper arguments.that the Sacrifice of Urmila (wife of Laxman) was much more than Seeta ,


  5. shyammohanmisra March 3, 2013 — 7:42 am

    Very nice move in support of Yamuna.


  6. Yamuna is equally a sacred river.


  7. Yamuna should be respected


  8. If we want survive our selves we have to save the water for which a practical approach is required by the people of northern & eastern India particularly but Govt’s initiative is above all.


  9. Sir….. Ganga Yamuna are the names of life giving sacred rivers and can not be separated… Many a parents keep the names of their sons as Ganga and Yamuna… Not only in these rivers but in all the rivers the level of pollution has reached beyond tolerance.. Perhaps in the time of Rajiv Gandhi an ambitious Ganga action plan was introduced to keep the Ganga clean, several hundreds crores of funds were alloted and exhausted in the name of cleaning Ganga without yeilding any reasult… From then such type of drama is going on and more and more funds are being mis utilised in the name of keeping the sacred river clean… The policy makers are now busy in looting the Ganga fund so they have now forgotten Yamuna…. They are keeping the name reserved for future allocation of funds to make money like helicopter scam after Boforce,,,,,,,


  10. technically yamuna too should be much adored by hindus because of srikrishna’s childhood that revolved round this river but it is the ignored one.


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