Why not behave yourself ?

‘The world is without joints’ as said Shakespeare in his ‘Hamlet’, and it was like this only when it came into existence, and has to remain as such during all the time the eternity consumes. Grievance against whom?. Me alone one side with the world as a whole at the other end. People don’t behave the way I want, or the way you want. What  to do?. Do whatever you like, the world is not going to incur any change in its behaviour simply to match your mood and convenience. You might be a business man with a thinking that your other dealers are dishonest. Did you ever notice that you yourself are like that?. You could be a boss nurturing a malice that your junior is not performing well the duties so allocated to him. Did you ever realise that you too are lagging much behind in discharging your responsibilities in the required measure. There is a small story running like this:

There was a boy consuming too much of jaggery with the result that it caused a regular disorder to his stomach and his parents remained upset on that count all the time. As a last resort, they took the boy to their family priest, whose word was considered to be the last and final in every matter in the family, humbly requesting a remedy to this. The priest told them to see him again after a fortnight for the purpose. They returned to him along with the boy as advised. The priest told the boy ‘Look, too much of jaggery intake is very harmful for health, stop it or just take a very little amount of it’. The parents were shocked and humbly requested the priest to tell them why it was not possible for him to give the same advice a fortnight back. The priest replied ‘…my problem was that at that time I myself was used to taking too much of jaggery, and how could I give an advice on an evil unless I myself got rid of it’.

If one is himself a liar, he has no business to advise others to follow the truth. Moreover, one can’t go ahead with the task of reforming the world as a whole, but what he can very well do is to correct himself and adjust. If I am the master of my soul, it is me myself to set an order for me and then expect the similar response from others in the society. This even applies in the case of animals too. If I treat an animal with love and care, the act sumptuously elicits the similar reaction from it in much bigger a measure.

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10 thoughts on “Why not behave yourself ?

  1. Sir, this is the correct picture of the present govt. they are in them self and not for the public or pensioners. May God give justice to the pensioners by the supreme court today i.e.26.02.2013 very good inspiring thoughts ….thanks sir



    1. I too join you in what you wish on pension issue on date. Thanks for the comment.


  2. A very true and noble thought! before criticizing others we need to know where we stand… “Several experiences in life taught me very early never to criticize anyone for you never know what and how would you behave being in his/her position”…for the moment we speak against or complain,sooner or later we land up in such situation s and go thru the same…very late realizing it was our action that lead us here.


  3. Well said, Sir


  4. A better scientific method, Sir




  6. Sir…. A nice passage delivering a great message and showing mirror to TEES MAAR KHANs… Live and let live, a great philosophy of life along with the principle of Vashudhaiv Kutumbakam is the only way to lead the life in a tension free manner.. No body want to improve himself -that is the root cause of all the evils and problems……


  7. shyammohanmisra March 3, 2013 — 7:57 am

    Nice blog.


  8. No body is ready to give due behaviour with others espicially who are in power or in Govt.


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