A sea mosquito in love:

This article is not to be mistaken as a parody of love, it’s rather a real story of how even the small creatures are fond of love and love making in as  good a measure as the humans do. I was at  Gopalpur-on-sea (Orissa, India) in connection with a meeting there. Had a chance to stroll on the sea side in the morning hours, the rush time for the fishermen to collect their catches, the fish. Besides fish, the net of the fishermen catches in its fold numerous kinds of other species like serpents, turtles, and even the mosquitos. Sea mosquitos, as a fisherman told me, differ from the open air mosquitos in the sense that they can even creep on the sea shore sands besides flying in the air. Their bee line movement creates a thread like track for themselves. I developed an anxiety to know more about them closely watching their movement. I could see the one bypassing others in speed with a sort of a restless pace. The fishermen told me that it was a male mosquito hankering to meet its love mate. It ultimately succeeded in tracing its female partner. I could vividly see them mating. I could also realise the amount of anxiety and the longing they had for each other. Humans suffer from the complex as if they are the monopolists in the matters of love and romance whereas the fact is that the other live beings on earth including the creatures in no way lag behind, both feeling and sensitivity wise. Commitment wise too, the creature couples are more loyal and sincere for each other. It is for humans to realise that love is a language more effectively understood by the animals and the creatures.


14 thoughts on “A sea mosquito in love:”

  1. sir, I could not imagine how you get these ideas, you went a sea side and gave an other story of a sea mosquito,loving his partner, but we human being should learn from them, the love for each other. our Govt has not developed the culture for the new generation of the country to be away from the load of bags and enjoy such Gods created things. .thank you very much sir, for an additional knowledge.



  2. Indeed the expression of love is very pure and found in all the beings which have life.Even if its is a plant, an animal,a bird,or tiny creatures,the manifestation of their love is limited to their intellect level and is far beyond our comprehension.For we humans try to say everything,as we edge them on having speech,but love is often perceived and felt and the mute animals do it perfectly. A great observation and share.


    1. Explained well, Soumya. In fact the animals and other species of the live beings even as creatures are not mute, this is how we the humans perceive it. They actually do talk amongst themselves exchanging different kinds of message like love, anger and humour. I don’t know whether you have ever seen a cow voicing her ‘*rambha*’ to her baby calf, and the calf responding to it instantly rushing back to her within seconds. In certain ways, their conversation is more comprehensible to them than humans. I have taken the liberty of mentioning your name in my post ‘On writing a poetry’ being published tomorrow, and hopefully you might go through it. My sincere thanks for your comment.


  3. Sir… Extremely nice..You have narrated a peculiar incident which helps in understanding the omnipresence of Almighty… Love is the another name of God if natural and innocent.. No science can define that how and why it happens.. It is your instinct to understand the inner feelings of all which make you different from all- a rare personality– The NEELKANTH…


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