Sainthood on Demon’s feet!

What a gross tragedy it is when you find a demon practicing sainthood with a bluff to thousands of his followers. It is so common in a country like India, the most original centre of Vedic philosophy and oriental metaphysics. One is a satanic demon, no problem as it is one of the thousands of entities on earth, but what hell of a business he has to pose himself as a divine figure blindfolding a full fledged flood of the devotees not only at the national level but internationally too. Such practitioners are nothing but the worst kind of criminals deserving to be booked for a virtual hell as even the maximum punishment awardable in terms of India Law like death sentence is not enough for them.

One Swami Nityanand was recently appointed as Mahamandaleshwar by the Panchayati Akhara Mahanirvani, most covetous a position in the Akhara, at Mahakumbh at Sangam, Allahabad. He is the same Swami who was arrested by the police on account of his involvement in a sex scandal targeting his girl disciples in 2010. He was released on bail and the case is still pending. It’s like a professional criminal when he claims that unless the charges against him are legally proved he cannot be branded as an accused. Earlier also when he was appointed as a pointiff of Madurai Adheenam Math in Tamil Nadu, he was removed from the post as a result of large scale protests as from people in general against his shady deals. He claims to be a great spiritual guru, and the irony is that such a position of his is accepted in real terms by his devotees. Swamees like him are an infectious disease for the culture and the society requiring to be dealt with in strictest possible measures available in terms of the criminal laws of the country enabling the public to get rid of the demons wearing the robe of a sadhu.

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14 thoughts on “Sainthood on Demon’s feet!

  1. Ah yes, well there you have it. A perfect illustration of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    There are plenty of demons walking this earth. In witchcraft, the pentagon is used to summon demons. Yet everywhere you look the symbol is used. Which means demons are abroad, summoned from what evil; we cannot begin to imagine. Some people obviously are prepared to sell their souls, for material gain in this life.

    Generally as a masonic sign, of domination. The freemason connection to the sign, seems to have come about from the influence of the men Pike and Crowley. Although the U.S. was already using the pentagon and pentangle in their flags, state symbols and buildings prior to them.

    Washington D.C. has the symbol built into it’s street plan. Designed by the Frenchman L’Enfant.

    It’s unfortunate that people fall for glib words and ostentatious demonstrations of belief. Like the Catholic Pope, surrounded by gold and jewels. Instead of humility, like the barber Mahesh.


    1. I so much liked your nice comment.


    2. I am so very thankful to you for a sumptuously rich a feed back once again.


  2. It is amazing that so many people are taken in by these criminals.
    Peace, Eric


  3. Devils are exposed quite well.


  4. Sir. What is happening is quite unbelievable. You have rightly named this type of saints as demon. Now it is time appropriate to stage a meaningful resentment and protest to oppose such type of drama in the name of religion.


  5. There are number of questions along with this how such so called sadhus have bundle of devotee not only at the national level but internationally too . Are followers not responsible to promote these demons to grow in society. Secondly the present law in India “ that unless the charges against him are legally proved he cannot be branded as an accused. “ Because of this theory of law a large number of elected members holding ministerial post in government are roaming free having a large number of criminal cases . pending in court .They are still having number of followers. How and Why ?

    The same culture is developing in other sectors of society, namely in religious etc…


  6. believe so.


  7. Sainthood is a commercial / political activity these dys.


  8. Well said.


  9. Well written


  10. Very good description and analysis about demons who befooling the public but one thing, which I think that perhaps, at least in our country that such position prevails every where by point to point.As,if I take a view on social worker rather politicians – what they are doing?They are looting the country under the banner of service of public in general.Now please view on public servants – there is no any single instance I may find where without bribery any work can be done.


  11. nityanand swamis and kuriens are quite common samples of disgusting corruption of india.


  12. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is needed to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% sure. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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