He did have his share of satiation:

He is Mahesh, a barber by profession. Quite often I take his services. He runs his saloon with his own investment without resorting to any sort of borrowing from any where, a bank or a private money lender. His family consists of himself, his wife, and a daughter whom he got married some time back. He is an income tax payer. Every time I call him, he turns up within minutes always wearing a smile on his face with no inkling of any slightest possible tension, or any kind of fatigue. His is a most contented life. Asked as to what he would do if some big amount of money is placed at his disposal, his prompt reply was ‘Sir, I don’t need any money beyond what I am able to earn on day today basis. More the money, more the problem. I am so happy in my life, fully contented and satisfied. I am not for any further money even if some one gives it free to me’. Honestly speaking, I envied his posture and expression and the amount of peace he was enjoying. There are many a stories containing conversation between the King Akbar and his counsel Birbal. Once both of them were travelling to some place in a disguised manner when Akbar saw a labourer calmly sleeping on a rock in the hot sun. He asked Birbal as to how this man could sleep so well on a hot rock?. Birbal replied that this man is having more sound a sleep than your Majesty’s as he feels fully contented in the mode of the life he is having and has no kind of any tension like a King has. In fact, peace is entirely an individual factor. One can lead most peaceful a life by making necessary adjustments with his own way of a thought process and not by procuring one resource after the other. None can buy or borrow it, none can steal it away, and none can win it after launching a war for the purpose. Peace is entirely a self acquired phenomenon.

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12 thoughts on “He did have his share of satiation:

  1. It is a blessing to have such people of peace. There are too many others who cannot find the elusive state. You see them in a constant state of agitation. Like their brains cannot power down? Usually obsessed with wealth and possessions. Yet even those with wealth, can find the samadhi. We do not have to be poor. It is a detachment from the ties that bind us to say this mine, that is yours, etc. To rise above and know that all is temporary. We can be rich one day and poor the next. But to know the inner peace is a treasure, no one can take from us.

    Thank you neelkanth, for the recognition of Mahesh’s contentment sublime!


  2. Sir thank you very much for such rich thoughts by giving the recognition of Mahesh^s contentment sublime, It is blessing,to have detachment from the ties that bind us to say this is mine, but inner satisfaction is the main role in mans life. In this world , every thing is effected by the inflation . today we are satisfied with our sources but next day the price rise in the commodities effect our livings and the pressure from the family to meet ends meet becomes difficult and you feel your self as a poor person, who can not meet the necessities of the family,. Please give one day the total expenditure of a family of five persons to live peacefully with the total monthly money , including the House accommodation exp.unrest in the mind is the todays slogen.



  3. Very rightly said “Peace is entirely an individual factor and a self acquired phenomenon.” The individual is the happiest person who achieve such peace with or with out assets and money.


  4. that is why peace is most precious in my eyes.


  5. Peace reflects in the eyes,it dwells in the mind and is felt from the heart. a co ordination of our senses where a state of mind,heart and vision experiences calmness


  6. Sir. Mahesh is an example of a great karmyogi and everyone seeking peace in life should follow him. It will make this planet beautiful and free from all the existing evils. It is appropriate to recite Kabir again regarding the requirement of a human.
    Sai itna dijiye jame kutumb samay
    Mai bhi bhukha na rahu sadhu bhi na bhukha jaye.
    The greed and unending will to amass wealth and wealth is root cause of all the evils prevailing on the earth. People being exposed in one scandal after an other should take a lesson from Mahesh- ultimately a disciple of yours.


  7. It is very true that living within means bring peace in life, but since the time economic liberalisation, the greed for money has disturbed the situation and all its ills are coming to fore.


  8. Described so well about a comman man enjoying peace.


  9. Quite Inspiring.


  10. Undoubtedly peace is a personal matter.


  11. Happiness is always self made


  12. Of course peace is absolutely self aquired phenomenon


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