Valentine’s Day -Many a love lorns had to defer their marriage:


The day of love as it is called Valentine’s Day, it was celebrated yesterday as a global rejoicing. Although this day of love is observed as the one covering all shades of life inclusive of parents, family, brothers, sisters and other kiths and kins, it is directed more to a romantic plain mostly involving love couples. The day is also considered as the most pious one for the purpose of marriages, or even formalising the  live-in relationships. Romance is predominant as against the ritual love on such an occasion. The day is considered most auspicious even for the purpose of arranged marriages. Many a love lorns,  felt somewhat disappointed on this Valentine’s Day for the reason that the priests diagnosed it as highly inauspicious with the result that the coupled had either to postpone or pre-pone their marriage to some other day which was found to be more auspicious for the purpose. There were also couples feeling contented with the exchange of rings only leaving the rest of the rituals to some better day from muhurat point of view. Lovers are normally of the kind hardly having any patience to wait any longer for alternative dates, and for that reason many of them went ahead with solemnising their marriage, come what may, nurturing a conviction that Valentine’s day is in itself most pious a day and there is no need to depend on some muhurat or the other. This day after all demands that let the love prevail in whatever circumstances it has to pass through.

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9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day -Many a love lorns had to defer their marriage:

  1. it was great reading about the people who were told told to defer their dates of marraige and they felt sad.


  2. Sir, it is a day when we have to exchange our heart felt feelings on love.


  3. Quite nice, Sir


  4. Sir. Valentine day- In some cities sometimes it happens to be a violent day just opposite of it’s purpose.. For our country it is an imported day. In our culture despite varied diversities the love is given a great importance along with dignity. This is the reason for the need of muhurt and positions of stars are taken in consideration for the marriage. The couple swear to remain united forever in every condition. They honor the worlds given to each other on the occasion of Saat Phere. This all makes the whole life every day as a valentine day. Mean while this great day is also welcomed if celebrated with grace and dignity.


  5. Well written.


  6. Like many other days in our calendar. I fail to see why people make just one day to be specifically one about love, or anything else?

    In talking to a friend yesterday. She said she had known many couples who treat each other like dirt throughout the year and then hypocritically, buy ostentatious gifts on February 14th. How does that work?

    Personally, I like to treat everyone with as much love and respect as they deserve, or demonstrate. For 365 days a year; with an extra day, every four years.

    I suppose it is testament, to the four personality types that dominate society? That these days exist? They are obviously easily convinced? That there should be special days; for the way in which we should be treating our fellow human beings, the whole year around.

    I do not need puerile cards or tawdry baubles, reminding me that every day is meant for the celebration of life and the people in it. That love is universal and is all we really need.


  7. Well worded.


  8. Very nice Blog -Thanks


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