Kundalini jagran–Is it possible?

Reaching the Supreme, the Ultimate, is what the seers and the sages aim at attaining. It is possible, they say. It is possible through Kundalini jagran, if one can practice it, an enormously gigantic a discipline, and terribly onerous a challenge to those who jump to pursue it. Did Lord Budhha and Lord Mahabir attain it?. At least I have not come across any such evidence in history or the other related mythological references. Acharya Rajnish (some call him Bhagwan Rajnish), claim his disciples, was able to awaken and ignite the Kundalini element in himself. His preachings were to attain it through sex. Such an approach may encourage many to pursue the path, but in practical terms it looks to be awe fully utopian. Sex is divine at certain levels, but the very divinity element of it gets fizzled out when practiced in physical terms. Tantriks too endorse such an approach as it is easy to practice it without negating the sexual desires. I have my doubts if the type of the people as they are can ever succeed in attaining the Ultimate Truth.

It is not easy to attain the salvation through Kundalini Yoga, it is rather most arduous a way of approach, but it is possible to attain it provided the practitioners of it are sans any kind of sordidness in their thoughts and acts. Kundalini is not at all an object to be imported from somewhere else, it is inbuilt in the very body system of a human like a hard disk. One has to activate and ignite the flame through his penance for the purpose. A doctor friend of mine once narrated to me an instance of a girl who used her inner faculties with a sumptuous amount of faith in the direction, and she was the one who could fully succeed in her goal of getting enlightened. One day she told the doctor that she felt like surrounded with flames within her body, and within a few seconds she was serenely no more. This is how it happens with the pursuers of Kundalini awakening, completely detached as they are from the otherwise sordid worldly bondages.

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9 thoughts on “Kundalini jagran–Is it possible?

  1. It’s a masterpiece, Sir.


  2. This article is an eye opener, Sir


  3. Acharya Rajnish was antellectual giant,I admit it but about his claim of KUNDLNI JAGRAN I not only doubt,I can not believe because there are many stages which are required to be passed,as given in the Blog also.My view given on the Blog is based on study of different mythological books.


  4. Nice article.


  5. In my opinion the KUNDLNI JAGRAN is not impossible,rather it is possible but not for every common human being,it may be possible exceptionally.




  7. Sir,
    I believe that it is possible when we are near the end of our birth cycles. 🙂


  8. To me , KUNDLNI JAGRAN is impossible,


  9. What a mystery is this called Kundalini?


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