Meditation–Kriya yoga Vs. Hathh yoga:

Meditational pursuit as prescribed in Yoga as a master key to seeking tranquillity of thoughts in mind is no doubt a superbly result oriented exercise to attain what is called an absolute truth to free the humans from bondages of sordidness in thinking process. There are many a Kriyas in Kriya yoga as well as Hath yoga. At certain stage both Kriya yoga and Hath yoga look similar with destination aspect in both of them being the same. Practice aspect, however, in both the cases is somewhat different. Kriya yoga is aimed at achieving the goal by a sort of compromise between different faculties of the body system, in particular including the brain. The Hath yoga differs approach wise. It aims at acquiring necessary spiritual strength through a rigorous mode of exercises putting enormous strain on different body parts with theory in the background that nothing can be worth an achievement unless there is ample stress involved in the process as such. Theory of compromise, as envisaged in Kriya yog, is normally considered as more realistic as it has the capacity of smoothening the mental faculties. The goal and the purpose being the same, both the aspects of the yoga can be adopted into practice depending on the intuitions emerging from one’s own self and its compatibility factor from the very physical capacity point of view. Kriya yoga is smooth, Hath yoga is rigorous, both being capable of leading an individual practitioner to an spiritual enlightenment.

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11 thoughts on “Meditation–Kriya yoga Vs. Hathh yoga:

  1. Thanks neelkanth, for another wonderful blog. It is heart-warming to read.


    1. Since I have been reading your comments on the Blog of Respected Neelkanth and those comments are enough to reveal about your spritual attitude. Such an inclination of Yours coupled with reflection of your thoughts I find almost in all your comments.
      Few days back I was advised that your are making efforts for awaking KUNDLNI(KUNDLNI JAGRAN).Since then when ever I recollect in my mind about your comments I find my self very excited with ecstasy in my own self.As lay man in my spritual life only I can pray to almighty God for your absolute success at an earliest.
      In this context I have an inclination which I express before you with the hope that without taking it otherwise you would certainly satisfy my anxiety.
      My inclination is whether is there any competant master(in Hindi its called GURU) of this line to support you time to time which is very very much necessary for the
      task you have opted?Although it is well known to me that my anxiety has no ground to put up before you because such type of high class exercises (SADHNA)comes in to catagory of extremely secret but you have already disclose it to me.
      In the life of a man,espicially in spritual life,to awaking the KUNDLNI is a last destination or ultimate goal of life for an individual,rather it can be said that nothing is left to be achieved for him and if some one could be able to achieve it certainly he will becom equivalent of God – myabsolute good wishes to you.
      Ifurther request you to make enable to have your postal address because I want present you a book of your choice ie SHRIMAD BHAGWADGEETA,a critical appreciation by Swami Ramsukh Das.


      1. My dear veepee45,
        I’m not sure whether I actually claimed, to be awakening the serpent? However, practice does make perfect? The Guru. My Guru through whose devotee, Mahatma; initiated me into the practice over 40 years ago. The means of which are sometimes promoted through various Radha Saomi sects. This guru, Balyogeshwar, who now lives in Florida, U.S. of A. Some 35 years ago, we were commanded to go out into the world and use the middle path. Which I have been doing,

        Like many other Gurus [a person or teacher, who takes you from dark to light] While at the time of initiation, I was told not to reveal those techniques. Although they may be found, in many books, etc. If you care to look? I feel fairly free to discuss those techniques, without giving absolute detail.

        I, also, am quite satisfied with my spiritual path. I find so many people willing to help. [Never, ever, refuse a helping hand. Never, ever, be too proud to acknowledge another’s validity.] As they too find themselves on this path. So, with respect. I will search out the information, you are freely offering. What may I offer in return?

        If you would like to discuss more? You can find me at my wordpress blog. Needle at sea bottom.

        Pranam, Jaisatchitanand,


      2. Addendum,
        Is there any bhagwat lover like Swami Ramsukhdasji in this century?
        This Century’s Bhagwat lovers, lifeless and famous among the followers MAHAPURUSH SWAMI RAM SUKH DAS JI MAHARAJ was born in a small village “Madpura”, Dist. Nagoor in Rajasthan in the year 1904 (V.S. 1960) in Phalgun Month. His mother made him a “Sadhu” in his early age of 4 years. In all ; he remained alive on this earth till his age of one hundred two years while performing his sacrificial Sadhu Dharama. He went from village to village, city to city and showered the “Amrut of Satsangh” over the people. The search which he has completed in his life, seems impossible that any other “Sant” can do so. Remaining away from the personal exposure he only spread the Geeta Bhagwadbhav keeping in mind for the boost up and betterment of the people and it remained main aim of his life. And it was the reason that he was not interested in clicking of his photographs, appointing disciples, accepting gifts, accumulating money and goods, making shelters, appointing groups etc. and always remained away from all these things. In this way not attracting the people towards him, he made them attracted towards “Bhagwan”. He not even made himself related with any individual, institution, community or ashram and nor even made any body as his student, followers and nominee. He lived his life on “Bhiksha” and continued his “ Mansa-Vacha-Karma” (duty towards humankind ) till his last days without hoping to get any thing in return.


  2. Yoga is best in all the exercises.


  3. If both of the yogas are the same thing then why there is difference between them


  4. Nice post.




  6. There is no major difference between both it appears.


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