When elders meet?


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Next meeting, the 3rd one in a series, of the ex Council Members of All India State Bank of India Staff Federation is scheduled to be held at Chandigarh on 5th and 6th February’2013. This is hosted by Chandigarh Circle of State Bank of India Staff Association. The earlier two such meets were held at Puri (Orissa) and Kolkata (West Bengal) hosted respectively by Bhubaneswar and Kolkata Circles of SBISA. Functionally it has a frugal set up with Sankareswar Dutta on the steering with independent charge joined by Prafullo Kumar Patnaik, both being Joint Convenors of the Forum. M.R. Awasthi happens to be the President. The Forum has yet to rise above the vague functionality sans definite directions for the purpose, as currently it is confined to a sort of merely a get together once in a year with some chats amongst themselves followed by certain site seeing arranged locally by the respective host. The participants are all stalwarts of trade union movement in State Bank of India, some of them very prominent. Many of the participants from different places attend the session with their spouse. In certain respects, the meet serves the purpose of a refresher course in the context of visiting new places, an experience the participants had in plenty during their active tenure.

The elders thus meet as they are supposed to even otherwise on the fixed lines of their age, obviously the wrong side of it in their case normally, nay invariably, retired people as they are with youngest one amongst them being in early sixties. Elders are supposed to leave some tangible legacy for their successors, be it a family or some organisation, worth following by the posterities, and if this Forum is capable of generating some thing worthwhile at the fag end of their life to their successors, this shall be some thing ardently positive a contribution. Why the Forum can’t initiate some measures by giving a thought to this and work out necessary modus operandi?. This may sound vague but a requisite thought process in any matter can always elicit the desired outcome.


9 thoughts on “When elders meet?”

  1. Sir Your name has always been for excellence. The committee of elders in your leadership is bound to yield amazing result and it shall be an example for others i pray the God to grant a very good health to you and other elders. We are eagerly waiting for the outcome of the Chandigarh gathering as the Chandigarh always been a revolutionary center in the history of S.B.I. federation.


  2. I think everybody should agree with what you say ” Elders are supposed to leave some tangible legacy for their successors, be it a family or some organisation, ……”. And moreso, in the present scenario of SBI Management Vs. Officers/Employees Federations, it is the right time to do so. So, I hope, everybody in the Forum will be serious about it in the forthcomig Elderly Meet.


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