Relevance of an instant judgement?

Instant judgements in the matter of various crimes are ideal ones and that is what is actually needed most, but in the eyes of Law it doesn’t fit into the system. Laws, or say legal remedies, are notoriously known well for their time consuming character, and otherwise too there doesn’t exist any system specifically stipulated as such, which could ensure speedy delivery of judgements, particularly in the cases of criminal nature, more particularly in relation to heinous crimes like murder and rape, or gang rape. But there does exist a system by which criminals are punished instantly on the spot. This can better be called Public System of Delivering Judgements (sounds more appropriate if abbreviated as PDSJ). These are the cases where public in general takes to themselves the responsibility of quick judgements punishing the criminals instantly. A dead drunk driver driving and dashing his vehicle against a person in the traffic doesn’t bother the least for the traffic police on duty, but he does fear the wrath of the people in the crowd, who instantly start thrashing him with hits and blows. If this sort of a fear is not there, who knows how many casualties might have occurred in road  mishaps. New Delhi gang rape case too works as an instance to some extent. If whatever appears set now to secure some justice in punishing the rapists, it is all due to the public rage that was vehemently demonstrated in all the nook and corner of the country. The minor rapist who was lodged in juvenile delinquents jail was beaten up black and blue by the other youngster inmates with the result that he had to be shifted to another jail. There again, the inmates dealt with him in the same manner continuing their beat up doze to him unless he almost collapsed. There are certain Islamic countries where such course of action is the part of their laws. If some body is caught red handed while committing theft, his hands are slit on the spot itself so that he could never be in a position to commit such a crime again in his life time. In rape cases too, there is a practice there to slit the masculine organ of the  man concerned crippling him for whole of his life. In our country there is no dearth of those who are very generous in interpreting the laws of the land never getting tired of advising that one should not take law into one’s hand. Sounds noble, but where is the Law?. Laws of our country suit criminals more than its normal citizens.

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13 thoughts on “Relevance of an instant judgement?

  1. A strong and prompt action should be taken against any type of crime , not only on criminals and rapist but on so called celebrities also , those giving irrelevant statements day to day .There is no fear in criminals that is why the crime tehe crime rate is increasing every year. Although New Delhi gang rape case has awakened the whole country and has set a platform to make a strong law and quick judgement .But in the way government is responding I am afraid and not hopeful.The present government is habitual to take a very long breathing time .


  2. Democracy denies instant justice.


  3. Let instant justice be the model and natural way.


  4. Sir Instant justice so instant judgement are the need of hour. Very correctly you have quoted fear of wrath of mob even on over drunken drivers too. In past days the kings were providing instant justice according to the intensity of the crime. The king Vikramaditya and Raja Bhoj are still remembered with great reverence for instant and fair justice. Even in Mougal’s time the Jahangir was a noble judge cum king and his Jahangiri nyay is being still remembered today with grace. But sir now the systems of ruling have been changed. So called representatives elected by the public are the kings now. Most of the so called representatives/ rulers are from shady background. They have over captured the entire system for their banausic benefits and polluting it as per their convenience. Sir the patience of the public is not for an unending time as being reflected while responding on recent criminal activities. The so called rulers are the drivers of the nation. The day is not so far that the public will take care of all these ill fated drivers. The history repeats itself and the destiny takes its own course.


    1. *You have commented well with enough of background. In one of my poems ‘Aayeena’, I have mentioned about Jehangir the relative lines of which are like * *this, of course as a matter of a satire:* ** *’Bada naam ooncha hai Insaaf mein jo,* *Jehangir ke faisle ko bhi dekha* *Hawis jis ne apni bujhane ke khatir* *Thha Mehru ke bagh-e-mohabbat ko loota.*

      *Whenever time so permits, I would like to share the whole poem with you, and also Awadhesh Pandey, of course.*


      1. Thanks Sir… In fact I have no in depth knowledge of anything…What I have obtained that is hearing from you at many places of the country every time in a different form… That is my only treasure… When the cold return to normalcy I along with Shri Pandey ji shall be with you sir to enrich our knowledge and have your aashirvad…….


  5. A fiend of mine in 1970’s was walking through a souk in Morocco. When he saw a man standing holding his neck. As his life’s blood drained through those fingers clutching his neck. This friend asked why? Was told, the man tried touching a woman. Rough justice indeed.

    My problem with vigilate justice. Is that whether the right person was judged? It is too easy to do so. Much like the Klu Klux Klan in America. Without the right to a fair trial. We become like those who prey on us. The real judgment will come when our soul leaves the body and comes upon Hades. Or Lord Yama, if you will? To receive the judgement, in the realm of spirit. From whom nothing is hidden, all is revealed. Where they will judge the stains on our souls.

    While there are far too many living among us who deserve death and far too many dead who deserve life. Without a fair trial, before our peers. We will descend into anarchy.

    While it true that lawyers can find ways for their clients to escape far too easily. They too will face the ultimate court, from which there is no appeal.

    For those found guilty in the proper manner. For anti-social behaviour. A one-way trip, in a rocket, off of this planet. Let them find a new place to live? Among the stars. Should help solve many problems.


    1. *Thanks for your nice comment. I quite agree with your noteworthy views. Actually what I stressed in my post was directed as a satire to the present legal system in India without claiming it to be an ideal situation.*


      1. I took it that it may be satirical? It seemed other commentators were treating it as a more serious comment. A more desirable option, if you will? I just wished to present, what seems to me. A reply that made it clear. As to how “instant karma”, does not belong in the legal sense. In a well ordered society. How it becomes vigilante action. Which no matter how we may yearn for such? Is a bit of a trap.

        I expect many perpetrators have little sense of higher powers, than what exist on earth? Which is why they seem prepared to chance it.

        It was Plato, from about 460 BCE. Who wrote, ” The good do not need laws telling them what to do and the bad will just find ways around them”. An axiom that proves itself constantly.


  6. Whoops, typo. Should be, “A friend of mine” ……. etc.


  7. Its high time when people should leave there”CHALTA HAI” attitude and seriously think about wrong deeds going in our society, proper and quick steps ought to be inculcated in order to control all this.


  8. A strict law has become essential in the country for such heinous crimes


  9. Very interesting.


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