Lakshman rekha for women!

Suppose the current generation of Indian populace is living in an age some 300-400 years backward from now, what Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh, has indicated by prescribing a Lakshman rekha for women could have possibly been taken as some thing relevant, to some extent atleast. What does he mean by telling that the women of India are required to remain within necessary Lakshman rekha, the boundary line for them, obviously hinting at as if they are moving publicly fully exposed? Does he mean that they should keep themselves covered all the time with a burqa, or say a naqab while going outside their house hold, or even inside it, as there are some in certain communities in the country who still practice it?. Does he mean that they should stop going to schools and colleges to pursue their studies, or they should quit their job if they are working some where in some office or an establishment, or they should stop going to some hospital in the event they fall sick, or yet even they should refrain from going for some shopping as per day today urgencies?. All this can be suggested by a person who only lives in a fools paradise, an utopia. Only mentally retarded a person can come out with such an absurd proposition in the present day world.

History has it that there did exist a purda system in India after invasion by Moghals, and it was as a safeguard against the invaders eyeing the beautiful girls and women, they rather let loose their rape spree on the beauties of the country. The instant case of New Delhi gang rape, in which context the statement under reference was made, is not the one like this, it was the case of both the rapists and the victim being wholly Indians. The victim was not in any provocative dress, she was rather travelling in a public transport School bus genuinely accompanied by a friend of hers. What was wrong in it, or what was provocative in it. What Mohan Bhagwat says looks like advising the people not to keep any goods in their house as it tempts the thieves and robbers to commit burglary and robbery. Just so funny and quixotic. His statement in a way supports the devilish act of the rapists and it just requires to be totally condemned.

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16 thoughts on “Lakshman rekha for women!

  1. Mohan Bhagwat’s statement is not at all relevant in present scenario .It should be condemned at all levels.


  2. shyammohanmisra January 7, 2013 — 8:24 am

    To Mohan Bhagwatji & those who ally with him;

    Tu idhar, udhar ki na baat kar yeh bata ki kaafila kyon luta.
    Hamein rehzanon se gila nahin teri rehbari ka sawaal hai


  3. This is only unfair


  4. Certain situations in INDIA seriously spoil the atmosphere of the country. Not only Mr. Mohan Bhagwat but now Ms.Vibha Rao Chairperson of Chattisgarh Women commission has also blamed girl for the heinous crime done to her. Politicians are just transferring the matter from one desk to other desk and not giving viable solution to the problem due to which girls are now horrified to even travel from safest medium of transport.


  5. Oh right, it is the woman’s fault?

    What an idiot, that Mohan seems to be? It could not be that men need to rein in their base desires? All for a few minutes of carnal pleasure. When it is the women who care for the child until old enough, to care for itself.

    Maybe it’s those men that need chaining up in some sort of parody of a european iron girdle? Locked in, so they can only attend to bodily function of urination? A chastity belt of some sort?

    True love for our fellow humans does not need to be covered up. As if it is dirty. I’ve no problem with modesty, that is appropriate. But really? This Bhagwat person, needs to get his feet out of his mouth. Learn to redirect his mind and kundalini, out of the gutter.


    1. Just so wonderful a comment. My sincere thanks.


  6. This is the mental stature of our netas they are fit to be in 18th century and so called people are leading the common man no wonder this is happening in our country what else you can expect from them?.




  8. Sir The comments of Hirundine608 is quite befitting and correct on the statement by the R.S.S. Chief Mr Bhagwat self styled contractor of Indian culture. While referring Lakshman Rekha he forgot the instinct of great Lakshman, Lord Ram, brave Hanuman and the bravest Jatayu who fought with the demon to protect Sita to his last breath. In fact these people like Bhagwat, Aasharam have no honor for our heritage but they are only exploiting the society like Amarbel (a parasite plant). By condemning the statement you have honored the feelings of the nation and of your followers/readers too sir. The R.S.S. should be ashamed on the said nefarious statement by its chief.


    1. Thank you. You say it all. That the man should be ashamed is putting it mildly. Men like that, have so little shame. They are dis-info agents. Trying to enslave people.


      1. Thanks a lot




  10. If it is there why this cannot apply to males also.


  11. Why not any code of conduct or Laxman Rekha is suggested for males,why such suggestions females only?It is true that statement of Mohan Bhagwat is indirectly in support of criminals.Actually Mohan Bhagwat has become much old and lost his mental power.


  12. Why this Lakshman Rekha should not be there for the men also.


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