Chilly weather and the poor:

It’s too chilly a winter and there are people shivering with cold all around, and so are the animals seen trembling every where. Intensity of the cold is so high that one, a human or an animal, can any moment succumb to it and even die. The whole country, North India in particular, is totally in the grip of such a severity of the cold wave. I am in my Study with the room totally closed, yet I feel the shivers virtually crippling me. I am just thinking within myself as to how the poor ones are managing the onslaught of the weather for themselves and their family, the small kids with no enough clothes on their body to protect themselves against such a ghastly attack of the weather. I think of those who are totally homeless with no inch of a space at their disposal to settle and relax for a few moments. The cat in my house has stopped going on her outings confining herself to a tiny space below the staircase by the side of the dust bin, her twins clinging to her lap as the safest available spot to fight the cold.

I have a small neem tree in front of my house which all my family members love most as it was planted by my mother. A young woman came and requested me to permit her to cut some portion of the tree enabling her to secure some wood for the purpose of burning it to rescue her kids from the piercingly tormenting cold wave. In normal circumstance I would have been the last person to part with even a single leaf of the tree, but I did agree to her request thinking that if my mother was alive, she could have done the same thing in the instant case. She cut some branches of the tree for which she had already brought an axe and the rope, and went back happy. I wish I was an Ambani, or a Tata, having an enormous business empire enabling me to sacrifice it for the benefit and the welfare of the poor people.

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13 thoughts on “Chilly weather and the poor:

  1. I am very sorry to hear of this anomaly with your weather in India. I just looked it up on internet. I can see how it must cause discomfort for many people. Especially the poor. Used to wearing very little, an overnight temp. of 3c must seem like an icebox. Especially for people, with little else but some rags and thin blood in veins. My time in India was during the winter. At the time it seemed strange for to see leaves on trees, shrub and grass growing. People wrapped in sweaters and scarves. When for me it felt like summer condition. In Canada, southern British Columbia we have snow as usual. Though the temps. are quite high for time of year. Usually it will be around -10c or -15c sometimes as low as -30c. Today, overnight it was -2c rising to a little above, freezing. It still requires copious amounts of clothing to keep warm.

    My sympathy for a nation with a life’s blood thin, from constant warm temperatures. Though it seems mostly confined to the northern states? I am hoping it can work out and return to your more seasonable climate.

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  2. Appreciable feeling by blogger towards poor….very touching …………..


  3. well described, Sir.


  4. All sympathy with the poor persons


  5. Sir a noble expression by a noble soul of yours. There are so many Ambanis, Tatas and like others in the country and outside the country. They often do something as the charity for society and such type of activities are highly advertised by all the means of media sometimes costing more than the cost of so called charity done. But can anyone touch the instinct and level of feelings of the NEELKANTH for the poor. Definitely no. Your concern for the needy persons specially for those having no means has always been your top priority. We solemnly salute this spirit and always endeavor to follow it. But can we do?


  6. 183 died of cold in UP 😦
    do not know what factor to multiply it with to get the real figure.




  8. You know the worst thing is, Tata’s and Amabani’s are actually too busy making money. Thay don’t care this much. Well they would, if they see such a thing around. But alas, they’re surrounded by the riches this country has, and the one Indian economy depends upon.
    Its us, the common people who think about the other common people who aren’t as lucky as us.
    I really wonder if a common man rises up to become a multi-billionaire, will he stop caring about the people he used to be with when he was a nobody?
    Well, lucky for me, I am tucked in my blanket with my room heater on. Now I can sit with my laptop and discuss about this issue with ten other people. But does my feeling ONLY helping anybody? NO!!

    One has to be there, to show the exact spirit- not just sit in their comfortable rooms and discuss the issues on forums and social networking sites.

    In a way this numbs and stirs my mind – at the same time!


  9. shyammohanmisra January 6, 2013 — 9:10 am

    Mere thinking of sufferers of this cold shivers us inside.


  10. Every one should do for such poors or people and cattles too,with in his reach.The most renowned book Geeta emphasized or geven the same message for human being in its KARMAYOG.


  11. Very well described, Sir. In fact, on the coldest day of the current winter season, when even the day temperature was recorded around 2 degree cel. and I was finding it difficult to come out of the quilt, I was also thinking about the people who are bound to sleep under the sky and that too in a blanket with so many holes, about the little children whom I quite often see on roads without any footwear, about the animals. At that time, I also wished I could do a lot for such persons.Immediately after leaving the bed, I searched for some unused woolen cloths and distributed to some needy persons. It gave me some sort of satisfaction that I could help some people to face chilly weather. I do agree with the comments made by someone above that only a common man can think of a common man. I feel if everyone try to help even a few persons, a lot of poor people with no resources to fight the cold, could be saved of the consequences of the chilly weather.



    1. I normally don’t acknowledge the comments of those who are very close to me otherwise like you are, I couldn’t resist the temptation of reacting to your expressions as it is so rich from feed back angle. Really so nice. The gesture of yourself distributing the clothes to the poor is encouragingly most worth while a measure.. I wish there are more people like that. I do admire your neetly worded and fool proof a comment like it springs up from a versatile writer. My sincere thanks.


  12. Good one, Sir.


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