Nirbhay, the fearless, lost her battle for life!

Yes, this one is the saddest news. Nirbhay, the brave girl, who was the victim of a ghastly gang rape in New Delhi, breathed her last after struggling hard for her life for several days at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. Nirbhay is not her real name. She was named as such by the media in tune with the courage and bravery shown by her while undergoing the extreme and inhumanly perpetrated tortures on her body parts by as many as six devils, the satans (shaitans), the lusty enemies of humanity. Initially, she showed enough of signs of improvement regaining her consciousness to talk to the doctors in the hospital manifesting much bold a posture, but the injuries inflicted on her were so grave that she again slipped into coma and was air lifted to Mount Elizabeth Hospital at Singapore for a better treatment where the fag end of the year 2012 became the end of her last day in life on 29/12/2012.

There is a talk that in the name of a better medical treatment at Singapore, she was taken there by an air ambulance for political reasons to overcome potentially more aggravated an agitation in India in the event of her death. This was first ever a case of some normal citizen of the country to be taken abroad for medical treatment at the cost of the State as against the earlier practice of extending such a benefit only to VVIPs of the country. Whatever could be there in the background, she is after all no more now. She died as a martyr in the sense that she fought well undergoing the tragic incident setting an example of bravery  and courage with glory. Her sacrifice vehemently demands that nothing less than death penalty preceded by castration be awarded to the perpetrators of the gang rape to which the innocent girl became the victim succumbing to the fatal injuries inflicted on her tender body parts.

She deserves by all means to be remembered as a martyr in the sense that the wide spread movement and the momentum so tremendously generated in her name throughout the country followed by her death is capably enough to secure necessary security measures for the young girls and women in days to come. If the current governmental machinery still fails to wakeup remedying the situation, it loses its right to continue as such.

I wish I had some flag at my level to lower it down to earth condoling the death of this martyr, Nirbhay, the girl, noble and brave.

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12 thoughts on “Nirbhay, the fearless, lost her battle for life!

  1. It was a sad demise of a brave warrior who mad us aware of many truths of life which we and our so called democratic government should galvanize itself for a sublimed future.May she rest in peace and our woman be safe.


  2. Not only our country but the whole world will always remember her. USKI MAUT BEKAR NAHI JAYEGI -Hoping for strict law in this regard.


  3. us sahsi beti ki chir nidra shayad hamari nidrit sarkar ki annkhen khol sake aisi hamen asha karni chahiye




  5. So very pathetic


  6. It happens only in India.


  7. No capital punishment ie hang till death because the rapists once died,all the scenes would be passed away,therefore I think that to make them impotent as suggested in your earlier Blog, will be more effective as punishment.


  8. mai to kehta hun RAPE kerne walo ki khilaf ek sakht kanoon banaya jaye jaise unhe beech chaurahe per Faansi dee jaye.


    1. Your suggestion is worth consideration like several others have opined on similar lines. Thanks for the comment.


  9. It is indeed sad.


  10. Sir You have expressed extremely heart felt condolence on the tragic demise of Nirbhay. Millions of people across the world have expressed there shock and anguish over the ghastly incident. It is for the first time that on such a big level the people of the Nation have condoled any death for a very very common individual. Now she has become a symbol of a crusade against barbarism. Her sacrifice will go no waste and the system has no option but to take severe action against the cruel culprits. we hope that in the days to come a new era of decent behavior with women folk shall commence as the mood of the people of new generation seems determined with full conviction. I join you sir in saluting the departed brave soul May it rest in peace.




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