What could she charge for getting raped?

Obsessed with the desire of sex as they are all the time, there are people, both VIPs and the commoners, who are always dead set not to miss even a single most opportunity available to them to vomit their ill conceived notions on gender biased connotations, particularly when some women are involved in the context. New Delhi gang rape case recently gave such people a bumper chance to talk as loose as they could. Ridiculing the mammoth gatherings of the people with majority being that of women on India Gate, New Delhi, protesting against the gang rape so perpetrated, Abhijeet Mukherjee, a Congress M.P. and son of the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, called such women as ‘highly dented and painted’ adding that they thought it necessary to go for a (provocative) make up before joining the protest demonstration. What was the need of such a statement unless it was aimed at demoralising and demeaning the women folk who joined the agitation. A CPM MLA from West Bengal, Anisur Rahman, played over smart by passing most obscene a remark telling as to ‘what she would charge for getting raped’. The remark so passed was directed to Mamta Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal. This is the height of a sheer non-sense and irrelevance. Merely taking an exception of the remark so passed may not be enough, what is most legitimately warranted is some stern action against both Abhijeet Mukherjee and Anisur Rahman. The way both of them acted is clearly indicative of their soft corner for the culprits of the rape incident. Those siding with the perpetrators of the New Delhi rape incident, directly or indirectly, are equally guilty. They must be not only condemned all out, they must also be adequately punished.

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18 thoughts on “What could she charge for getting raped?

  1. “Place where woman is respected, God resides there.”This was taught to every student in their primary classes but now it has become mere a statement.VIP or a commoner have now become callous and all they aspire, is to express or do ill towards woman and when we retaliate towards it for something congenial and provide alleviation to the affected we are rather considered vagrants and vandals.

    Then we have people like Mr. Abhijeet whose own sister had to come out to apologize for his brother.’s impertinent comment.All we can do is to wait whether this government formed of people by the people does something for the people..


    1. *I know you are placed in a difficult sort of a situation presently and it is a matter of praise that you still make it to go through the blog. My thanks.*


      1. Difficulty is making him wiser.


  2. In Delhi you saw the surge of youth of India and not ruling senile idiots of the country.The youth expects protection for their life and proprety from goverment for which they have been elected in a democracy and not to loot the country for their self interest.This is surely a good sign and the day is not too far that youth of this country will teach them a lesson.Shedding crocodile tears and crying before TV channel with onion or glycerine is no excuse.




  3. Those passing absurd remarks have to be condemned.


  4. It is the question of descency


  5. Sir, Extremely shocking and shameful statement given by not only a MP but the son of the first citizen of The Republic of India- the president of India. It is highly highly condemn able and you have condemned it appropriately representing the sentiment of thousands of citizens who have a great regard for women. We have gone through your article “The Mother Divine” expressing greatest regard and high sense of honor to mother ultimately a woman. By giving such a nefarious statement Mr Abhijeet Mukherjee has become a stigma on the name of his gentleman father now the President of our Nation. Incidentally the both so called honorable s are from West Bengal. Such types of representative are sole responsible that the people are day by day loosing faith in govts and they express there anguish and wrath at public places and a day will come when the entire system will collapse and the so called public representatives shall have no way to escape.


  6. Definitely a strict action is required to be taken against Abhijeet Mukherji and Anisur Rehman.


  7. With the death of the young lady, the victim of this crime. That has shocked decent people everywhere. Likely changes, some of the outcome of it?

    The souls of all participants, are stained. They will answer to Goddess Parvarti. In her aspect of Kali. Sending those souls to serve their time, into whatever limbo they go. Om mani padmi aum.


    1. Dear Mr. Hirundine608,
      I have been reading your comments since long back on the Blog of Mr. Neelkanth and I made my opinion that you have deep knowledge about Indian culture & rituals but now I find that my opinion is not absolutely correct whatever subject goes to you,I find that your knowledge is quite admirable,rather I want say that your knowledge has no geographical limitation.Therefore, I want to ask a question, although it looks like a silly question of mine that how much study you could made and precured knowledge?


      1. veepee45,
        You flatter me sir. I do not have much knowledge, or anything else in this world. My personality, as defined by Myer-Briggs, has it’s effect. – INFJ. I have spent some years, so far, on this planet. Practising, using Raj yoga. Like that, which is taught by Radha soami. Practising the kundalini movement, through the chakras. Most people in North America, or Europe, do not understand. If they do? Then they are as aware, as anyone else.

        You veepee45, have been very nice. As also the host of this blog, neelkanth. You understand because you are of the culture. A culture that has inherited some the oldest learning on our planet. Sadly lacking in material wealth, comparatively speaking. Recently exploited, by the British. Like the rest of this globe, still being exploited by greedy people.

        People there in Asia, are as desperate for material wealth. As people here looking for spiritual wealth. Most people here, in Canada. Find their spiritual wealth, through pursuit of material gain. Desperately putting off the inevitable end of life, until too late. Generally, too late to learn true humility. A humility we all need when dealing with each other. This world is to be shared by all, in it. From the rocks and dirt to the animals large and small. A humility that need not be worn on the shoulder. Yet still knowing, that we all are but players on the stage. All men and women, merely players. ~ Shakespeare.

        I’m not encyclopedic. If I need information? Look it up. I embrace most gods and goddesses, as aspects of the one. There is always that thread. The thread of true knowledge, of god. A knowledge of God, that only Guru can give us. “Seek and ye shall find”. Hidden in plain sight.

        I have read extensively, but not exclusively. I would like to think, I’m a student of human nature?

        Knowledge of God is free. Knowledge of God is not exclusive. He/She does not spring forth saying, “I am here”. The nature of God, is far too busy with all of creation. Still always there, if we choose to look for it.

        I know nothing, I am nothing. Made from the dust of stars, I shall return to them. Until given, by the grace of God. To then be able to live once more. To sing his/her praises.

        Jaisatchitanand Pranam


  8. In cases of rape If law is going to be amended,as on demand ,the strict law is also to be made for ORAL RAPE and the statements of Abhijeet Mukherji and others should be treated as ORAL RAPE.


  9. It is sad.


  10. It is sad state.




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