Right to recall is need of the day:

There is a small village called Phulwaria in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh (India). The Gram Pradhan of the village was impertinently too lazy a person incapable of delivering any goods to the people belonging to the gram sabha. The relative populace took the responsibility of removing the Gram Pradhan to themselves, and they did it quite successfully. The Gram Pradhan was removed by the villagers under ‘right to recall’. ‘Right to recall’ was the slogan once given by the great leader, Jaiprakash Narain, which gained a tremendous momentum but the move feigned with the passage of time. Those in the saddle of political assignments also didn’t like it as it was out of question for it to suit them. The people in the country in general want it, it is rather an imminent need of the day in the context of the current political scenario. MLAs and MPs are a lot to feel free and happy once they are elected by the voters for five years and bother a hoot for their electorate. If right to recall is given a practical shape, like it happened in a small village like Phulwaria in Basti district, the elected leaders will always have a sword of Damocles hanging on their head and it will force them to behave themselves treating with the voters in as good a manner as they presently do when their elections are due. Right to recall is virtually a noose keeping the politicians always tightened alerting them to behave well with the electorate even after the elections are over.

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12 thoughts on “Right to recall is need of the day:

  1. Sir, I agree with your views this should be in every field and deptt, specially where the persons are elected by the members by vote or by unanimity. Neelkanthji I just give you one example of our S.B.I.Pensioners association of Chandigarh Circle, THe office Bearers Travell by Air and also in numbers, eight / or six and waiste the association funds for their person visits and if any body objects to it , they donot listen and says they are the elected union leaders, Sir I feel our association is a social organisation and we should spent each and every penny very vicely, sir what is the law , for social organisation people, so i feel your views are correc and these peaple should be recalled if necessity arises. thanks
    Raj Kumar Negi


    1. *The observation so made by you is undoubtedly undeniable, but unfortunately this is what obtaines after all.*


  2. This is a utopian idea and unfortunately these ideas come from Indians only.After trying all forms of democracy it is better to try this form also as a last resort.As liong as cheats and criminals languish in parliament nothing will help.




  3. The village Phulwaria in Basti district has set an example, that right to recall can be implemented .There should not be any excuse for government implementig this for MP’s and MLA’s. Anna Hazare is demanding for this right since long time.


  4. The present political atmosphere in India demands that the right to recall is a must.


  5. The proposal is right


  6. British Columbia, a province in Canada. Has recall legislation. One that is almost impossible to enact. It is like asking politicians, to fire themselves? When enacted it was the platform of the then opposition. An opposition that when gaining power, was obliged to follow through with.

    A legislation that is as weak as “milquetoast “. One that always draws the criticism of costs. Costs to the tax-payer. A tax-payer who is soaked for everything. As if there is no bottom to the barrel? Except when those same politicians, are thumping the top of that barrel. One of “fiscal responsibility”. Blah, blah, blah!

    Most ordinary people, tune it out. As they try to get on with their lives. A life of toil and struggle, to make ends meet and feel powerless to change.


  7. We generally have many avenues and even if one is brought into effect things can change but the real problem is this democratic government which has become apathetic towards its own people.I am eagerly waiting for 2014 elections.


  8. Sir I feel proud that a revolutionary step has been taken in my native district. The residents of gram sabha Phulwaria deserve high appreciation. Thanks a lot to you sir for placing the name of a small village at international level. Your this great job as per your instinct shall inspire more and more rural people to take such innovative steps. This is a beginning bound to yield amazing results ultimately.


  9. I dont think it is possible in a large country like ours.


  10. I dont think it will ever happen in our lifetime.


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