Karmyog–What a phenomenon it is?

As a prolific writer and an omnivorous reader he is with a versatile knowledge on different subjects, James Alien Jamie (hirundine608 as a blogger), often uses the terminology reading as “…the karmik wheet grinds on” while giving his comments on my blog posts. This prompted me to speak out my mind on the topic in a measure I take it. Bhagwat Gita enunciates karma in the following words in Sanskrit:

“Karmanye wadhikaraste

ma phaleshu kadachinam”

(Your right [duty] is to work, but the result part of it you just can’t claim).

There are several dozens of interpretations on this. Many believe that what is envisaged in this shloka in Sanskrit is that one can perform his/ her duty leaving result of it to the Almighty God as whatever He will do shall be good only in the interest of the person concerned. This is not the message. The message actually emphasizes that whatever occurs as a result of some performance has to be accepted as the final reality, it is immaterial whether or not it is good or bad. This is in fact the element of Destiny which is highlighted in the message of Lord Krishna to Arjun in Mahabharat laying stress on the eternal Truth which ultimately emerges irrespective of any prejudices in respect of things good or bad. Forget good, forget bad, and accept whatever happens as a result in whatever form and shape it emerges, was the real message. Arjun was confused and was not inclined to follow what Lord Krishna was advising him. Lord Krishna told him point blank at the end that he followed the advice so given to him or did not, the results are in no way to get affected as what has to happen is invariably to happen and none can stop it. Destiny has its own ways, unalterable and unquestionable. Those, who have read Thomas Hardy, must have observed that in most of his novels this very element of Destiny is well elucidated and illustrated with an exhaustive coverage. There is no question of some body accepting or not accepting the result of his doings, all the results are destined ones and what is once destined, it just can’t be blotted or erased, and that was the message Lord Krishna gave to Arjun on his Karmyog lesson to him, as I am able to take it.

As a corollary to this, there is another version to support this theme in the shape of the following words:

“Twadeeyam vastu Govindam

Tubhyameo samarpayani”

(Whatever I have, it is bestowed by You [the Lord] only, and the same I am surrendering to You).

This is another way of submission through Immanent Will, the Destiny, where one neither gets any thing, nor gives any thing, both the act and the result emanate from the Lord, the creator, and that is exactly the eternal truth.


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14 thoughts on “Karmyog–What a phenomenon it is?

  1. Very nice analysis on theory of KARMA. excellent


  2. Wonderful analysis so lucidly explained. I think there must have been some logic built in in execution of Immanent will. The equation may be ; Sanchit Karma + Vartman Karma + Cosmic will = Immanent will or so to say ultimate result. Perhaps that has been the reason that one act and its results vary for individuals involved. Since two determinants viz., Sanchit Karma and cosmic will are unknown to us, the results most often come to us as surprise and we perceive them as good or bad.


    1. *Most meaningful a comment with a nice feed back. My thanks.*


  3. nishkam karm ki mahatta ko pratipadit karta apka karmyog ka lekh hamen anwarat karya karne ki prerna deta hai nishwarth karma karna hi hamare jeewan ka lakshya hona chahiye yah shikchha deta hai


    1. It’s a nice feed back. Well said. My thanks.


  4. Illustrations are very good on Gita




  6. Sir… Geeta is the gist of human life and the shloka elucidated by you is the gist of Geeta.. Very wonderful explanation in such a easier manner has been given by you as you have lived the principle… Your life is the example of a rare type of karmayogi fully tested on this principle….. There is no other way to live a satisfied life than to fully believe in (,“Karmanye wadhikaraste

    ma phaleshu kadachinam”)……..


  7. Dear neelkanth,
    I enjoyed your post, immensely. Though I must correct a couple of things. One, my name is James Allen – legal. I usually use Jamie, with friends and colleagues. The phrase I use, The karmic wheel grinds on …. is like a signature added on. From textexpander, it is hotkeyed. My username is usually hirundine. Latin from he family of birds, known as swallows. It may be viewed as either quick and to the point, or like “Flying swallow”?The 608 is an add-on; because wordpress required the extra numbers, at the time. My house number.

    As you say, the Bhagavad gita makes it quite clear. It was wonderful to see it quoted so.

    Karma! Beyond much of our control. Although we have influence on it, Even so, as karma is our teacher. We need to do homework, to succeed. Bestowed upon us as the result of action or not. Like physics. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In this life or another.

    Good and bad are opposites on the same scale. Where is the middle is placed? The fulcrum. Usually determined by society. We could view Maya as our school, karma as our teacher and dharma as the lesson? Right action is our path, to a better world.

    Who determines “right action”? Our soul or conscience. [ Borne by our personality, according to Myer-Briggs.] Also, with help from others. The charioteer, the wisdom of our forefathers, that keeps us on the path.

    That there are people with little or no conscience, without doubt. Animals in human form.

    Looking at the un-necessary killing of both animals and humans. The higher life-forms. Which may give an acceleration in terms of life-cycle. Maybe hard to fathom as a rationale, for much that is wrong in society?

    Pushing life-form ahead, before it has learned the lessons of the previous life? A possibility? It is one I buy into. But I leave it to the dharma, to sort out. My only focus. Is to try. Try, to be a better soul in this life. If I am wrong? No matter. One cannot adjust the outcome anyway. We come into this world with fingers grasping, we leave with them stretched wide open.

    Why worry, about things beyond my control? Peace in my heart and a respect for other life. One cannot do much more? One that “Tess” finally discovered. Toil and a peaceful life.

    “All existences, O Kaunteya, return into My divine Nature (out of her action into her immobility and silence) in the lapse of the cycle; at the beginning of the cycle again I loose them forth”.

    Lastly, it is wonderful to see how the commentators responded to the subject of your blog entry! Jaisatchitanand!


    1. *The feed back so given by you on the topic forms a great feeler, as usual of course in the case of all your comments, to the very source of my knowledge base. Your liking of my article does enrich my confidence. I am so very thankful to you for your comments.*


  8. You need to get upset! Simply letting the quota happen isnt acceptable. Generally this will allow you to take the inititive to make things happen.


  9. This is a very good illustration on GEETA.I have read it three times for the purpose to go in to deep of SLOK but,in fact,I find my self unable to write any comment on this very Blog while, having a complete faith and respect for GEETA, by virtue of my religion and belief.I understand that it will not be in your memory when once you had told me that it is difficult to find out such people who really deeply understand the GEETA.It was a time of about 25 years back when I was before you in a confrence.To day,on perusal of your Blog,once again I could realise my position in respect of GEETA.


  10. Wonderfully worded.




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