Yet another Fatwa on any matrimonial with photo!

I already wrote in one of my earlier posts dated 14th December’2012 in regard to relevance of Fatwa in the context of the present day culture as it obtains not in India alone but through out the world as a whole. The post so written is given below as a link for the ready reference of the valued readers: 

Now that there is yet again a Fatwa issued against matrimonials with photographs, it looks like fatwas are emerging out of mere chitchats. The Muslim authorities issuing fatwa have, however, given exemption to those affixing their photographs for the VISA purposes. The photos given for the purpose of matrimonial requirements are not for any publicity, nor they are given by the person concerned for glamourising herself. Parents do it exclusively for their daughters finding a match through media. The boys too do the same thing for the purpose of their marriage. What’s wrong in it. If they do it in a traditional order with mouth to mouth publicity, the scope is too limited and not capable of eliciting necessary results, where after the only alternative left to them is the media. What is actually in the interest of the people in general is to lift such type of arbitrary bans allowing them to resort to whatever tangible means that can bring them the necessary results.

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11 thoughts on “Yet another Fatwa on any matrimonial with photo!

  1. My limited understanding of Fatwas was that the Mullah issuing them could only do so after extensive consultation? That a fatwa is not binding and that different fatwas may be issued on the same subject? That it depends on the reputation of the mufti issuing it. That when there are conflicting opinions issued, the faithful then choose the one their conscience dictates? As a non-muslim; I expect my understanding counts for little?

    Overall I find too much opinion, in most religions. Too little doing and much telling. Not enough understanding of the human condition. Too much living in ivory towers. With inflated egos, of divinity, etc.


    1. *Your understanding counts so significantly. My sincere thanks for the comment.*


  2. In india the matters related to any religion have been made very complicated by our leaders for sake of vote bank that is why no serious action have been taken by any ruling party due to lake of determination rather they don’t want to do it. This is for not only t in case of religion but for KHAP punchayet also.


  3. Fatwas are not to be taken like jokes


  4. Fatwa should be there against corruption if any body listens to them.


  5. Sir, The time never go back. Such type of fatwas have lost relevancy and nobody is to care the obsolete dictates. The persons concerned with so called religious manoeuvreing should understand it clearly.


  6. Fatwa making is now a commercial activity. People ‘fatwa shop’ to promote their interests be it financial or political. They are equally used by the puchaser to defeat his competitors. So just chill.


  7. When Muslims would come out of these fatwas.


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  10. well said


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