New Delhi gangrape case that shook the country!

  • Salutes to collective public conscience:
  • Hats off to social media for the coverage:

The incident of horrifying gangrape case that occurred in New Delhi recently virtually shook the country throughout every nook and corner of it, and the reaction to this from all walks of life was most unprecedented. It was actually for the first time that such a mass upsurge erupted in such big a magnitude. Some semblance of it was of course seen during the movement launched by Anna Hazare earlier in Ramleela grounds of New Delhi, which gave him the status of a great crusader against corruption. But there is a big difference between the two. Anna’s movement was launched by him duly managed and monitored by his team whereas the one launched instantly against the gangrape had no identifiable a source behind it except of course the people themselves who took cudgels at their own guided by their own intuitions highlighting the ill episode in much bigger a multitudinal proportion. This is something unique and unprecedented setting a great example of initiative at the level of the people themselves. We salute them for such a noble and courageous act on their part. This also sets a radical pattern of resentment with a collective orientation which enables a new direction to take over the job of putting the governmental machinery to task on issues like rape, lawlessness, anarchy and corruption, which factors have all along remained beyond the reach of the elected representatives till now for the simple reason that their interest lies more on their selfish gains than the welfare of the people.

The agency which deserves most of the credit on this count is the social media, but for whose wide publicity on the topic, the mass upsurge resulting into mammoth crowds from lanes and streets to protest against the gangrape would not have been a possibility. They deserve all praise and admiration. Hats off to them.

One shudders on the very thought of an innocent young girl having been raped by a gang of six men successively at a stretch. But for physically and mentally so strong a victim like this, none else could have been able to survive after such an ordeal. We do praise the strength and courage so displayed by her. It may not be enough to award a rigorous most punishment to the perpetrators of the rape, this should be of the order that the potential rapists may not be able to pick up the audacity of resorting to such an act in their remotest possible dreams.


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15 thoughts on “New Delhi gangrape case that shook the country!

  1. I have not seen such resentment against our present system on gang rape case ,that too without any leadership.Everybody should salute them for such a noble and courageous act on their part. I salute…………….


  2. I agree with much of what you said.

    However, i believe that this is the first time in world history that women are claiming there rightful place and it is causing a social upheaval in men with certain mind set. The problem exists in nearly all countries in different forms (not necessarily rape) and unfortunately there is a paucity of social reformers who can catalyse the necessary change in attitude of men.


    1. *I quite agree with the views so expressed by you. My sincere thanks for the comment.*


  3. This is a matter of serious concern for all.


  4. Our country is full of ills and gang rapes are one of them


  5. nyctanthesarbortristis December 25, 2012 — 11:06 am

    Reblogged this on nightlong fragrance and commented:
    The incident, sorry the incidents at NCR will lead to a major slowdown of Delhi Job Market. There is high probability of scarcity of resouces(suitable resouces) in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and adjoining areas. Industrialists who are intending to invest in new ventures at NCR must think twice. Resources with gray matter will hardly relocate to NCR. Many female prospectives and families are relocating from NCR.
    It reminds of 1970s when there was huge shift of population from East Pakistan to India.
    Again the ambience has stirred up. Again another drift.


    1. My sincere thanks to you for your well worded comments.


  6. Delhi is the centre of corrupt and incompetent police force who ran behind the VIP’s only.Rule of law is lacking.Those commits crimes can get away by bribing police.High time common people have reacted to this cancer of the society and this will open the eyes of our so called efficient rulers.




  7. Sir I extend my heartiest thanks to you for saluting the public conscience and appreciating the heroic role of media emerged in this case. The government is deaf and dumb. In fact there have been a complete lawlessness in the whole country as the criminals are the rulers. Now bearing power of common man has reached to zero tolerance. This is the beginning of self spurt revolution against in activeness, lawlessness, widespread corruption and incompetency in performance. Today the death of a Delhi police cop reflects the extreme wrath of mob though in discipline. This is a alarming signal for those who are in habit of delaying in taking action. There is a clear cut message in your style sir ‘improve your selves-ye rulers’ because ye public hai sab janti hai


  8. this upsurge was badly needed. hope it will change the scenario of safetly of women in delhi.


  9. Sheila Dikshit convenes an emergency cabinet meeting this evening to discuss the prevailing situation arising out of large-scale protests against the gangrape of a young girl in New Delhi.


  10. I too salute.




  12. You made certain nice points there. I did a search on the matter and found most persons will have the same opinion with your blog.


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