Narendra Modi–We do buck you up:

Now that Narendra Modi has once again most successfully proved his strength in the latest elections held in Gujarat, he has added to himself much better prospects as a Prime Ministerial candidate. This was the election where he had a tough challenge to meet and he could do it thumpingly securing a comfortable majority, of course 2 less in the comparison of his 2007 elections. This difference between 117 seats in 2007 and 115 seats in the current year hardly matters as the opposition parties, mainly the Congress, left no stone unturned this time to see him marginalised if not defeated. The overall scenario viewed in its totality as it has emerged has amply projected Modi as a great national leader without getting himself confined to Gujarat alone. Such a projection is not based on any prejudice, caste bias, religion factor or the tag of a Hindu leader stigma very often attached to Modi, it has emerged totally as a factor of progress and development which people can very well see in tangible terms instead of false slogans on that count raised by other political parties times and again. People of the country, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs,  Christians, or any one else have every reason to believe that if Modi can play miracles in the matters of developmental activities in Gujarat for more than 6 crore population there, and that too continuously for much longer a time, why he can’t secure the same record for more than 120 crores of people in the country as a whole when given a chance to serve as the Prime Minister of India. The country needs positive results and not the empty slogans, and Modi is the one who is solidly emerging as a sound embodiment of progress and development. Quality of work matters, and there Narendra Modi occupies a top rank. All the best for a leader who works tangibly well.

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11 thoughts on “Narendra Modi–We do buck you up:

  1. A large number of people wants to see Modi as P.M.


  2. Narendra Modi is great. Zindabad.


  3. Well said


  4. Unfortunately even the BJP is reluctant to project him as PM candidate because of ambition of other top leaders.


  5. There should not be 2nd thought instead of Modi as Prime Minister at B.J.P. level too.It seems clearly that in present circumstances,Modi is alone capable as Prime Minister while few other party leaders in it self are interested to be on throne but in my view it would not be wiseful step of party concern because the following of public in general is behind Narendra Modi.Any other leader has no such following with him.
    In this election Modi faced attact from every corner,ie by external and internal both but they can’t do any thing.In my opinion this victory of Modi in the election is more important and more better than the election of 2007.
    One thing more I observed espicially in this election that media was also playing the role of opposition like Congress Party.An incident is remembered to me that when
    Modi was regretting for his any conduct happen unknowingly,which is quite formal but Media person immediately connected it with the riot of 2007.As a matter of fact the opposition and Media too has no any ground to justy his logic except creating differences among communities.In fact the Congress Party is a real successor of Britishers who never bothered for the country,they were worried only for their dynasty.Remaining other political parties of the country has much afraidof the popularity of Narendra Modi that is why very one is crying for riot of 2007.


  6. The recent turmoil within the Congress over the selection of candidates, leading many to resign and some to switch loyalty to the BJP, may also cost the party dear. The decision of the Congress high command to disallow ticket to those who had lost two consecutive elections has not only shattered the party’s united face, but also left in the lurch many senior leaders, including former Deputy Chief Minister Narhari Amin, who represented the powerful Janata Dal (Gujarat) group formed by former Chief Minister Chimanbhai Patel; former junior union minister and AICC secretary Naresh Raval, who is from the “original” Congress; and pradesh Congress secretary Girish Parmar, who joined the Congress along with another former Chief Minister, Shankersinh Vaghela, when he merged his Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) with the Congress about a decade ago.


  7. Sir Modi has got a thumping majority in the state election. He has made hatric, His victory is hailed. It has a great importance that now the public has started to negate the coalition governments as they are delivering nothing good but spreading hatred and section-ism in the society. Undoubtedly Sri Modi has emerged as a hero in the Indian politics. But it is very unfortunate that such type of a hero is lacking at national level. The fractured mandate at all India level reflects the failure of the existing parliamentary form of government as regional and cast and creed factors have overlapped the national feelings of the people. So many more local groups are emerging as political parties with a banausic orientation. Now it is a appropriate time to think on shifting towards presidential form of government as it will help in emergence of energetic leaders having national stature.


  8. On the result of Gujrat Assembly election where the mostly people of the country are happy at the same incident few amongst Juournalistand other media personal are shoked much more than other political partie,especiallyConress Party.In an article of a journalist I observed that if it was left to him self he could have panalized every thing for their decsion in nfavour of Modi.Similarly two incidents I have seen on T.V. – 1).when Modi,out of courtesy,was rendering apology to the people of Gujrat the impartial media person connected it immediately with the incident happend on the repercussion of Godhara case. 2).2nd on T.V,a group of political analyzer were analyzing about Modi as would be Prime Ministerthe concern media manwas emphatically emphasizing for opology to br submitted by Modi to whole of the country if he comes forward as Prime Minister in the election of 2014.

    If a deep study is made on whole of the matter,what so ever is happend in Godhara or Gujrat,I find that media and journalist are much instrumental to carry on misunderstanding and maintain differences among different communities in the country.I do not want to write on political parties mainly Congress Party and other regional political parties too because they are looking their benifit in such act,in their own interest .It is difficult to accept that any of them,as stated above,are thinking or worried about the fate of nation if such differences continue for long time.

    The result of Gujrat election declared emphatically that Gujrati are not at all confined with the communal feelings,it would be more befitting,if said that Gujrati have passed away ,what happend inthe past.For example it can be quoted that Modi own almost all the seats except exception of those4 areas when Congress was very much hopeful and threw their full power too.Similar case is in the backward region (AADIVASI KHETRA) where the other candidates have been rejected outrightly.It was not the end of Modi’s mazic,the ex-chief minister Mr. Patel who was well aware about his fate but just to give sotopage to Modi,framed a new party rather it can be said that in support of Congress,but he too become failed badly in his mission.Thus it is evidently clear the Gujrati are interested in development not in dirty politics.

    As per our constitution,the media is a most important factor in democracy and it has been supposed that it should be absolutely impartial but it is not as suchbecause an instance in my knowledge,ONE-when Varun Gandhi delivered a statement in a public meeting which was objectionable in view of media and ultimately Varun Gandhi had been put behind bars and this matter having been contineously floating on T.V. channels by prudent media for many days – about one hundered twenty four hours while a similar statement giv3en by Rahul Gandhi in his public meeting but it eas not so objectionable ,as the statement of Varun Gandhi was, in the eyes of same media.The statement of Rahul Gandhi was also given on T.V.chanals but it was just a formality only for 3 – 4- days ie 5 – 6 hours in total instead of 124 hrs.In view of whole of incident it becomes clear that neither media is impotial nor free from power.

    As such,in my view,the people of the country are willing and ready to establish and maintain the communal harmony if media and politician let it do.I further want to add that media and politician both are disturbing element behind communal harmony of the country.




  9. Modi rocks.




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