Rapists–Why not render them impotent?

Sounds too crude a punishment to the men concerned, but in fact this is possibly the appropriate punishment the perpetrators of rape deserve. This is what has since been suggested, and rightly so, by the National Commission for Women. The statement, as given by Mamta Sharma, the Chairperson of the NCW, is quoted below:

“Capital punishment is very important. I suggest that they should be made impotent so that they could repent every day of their life. It is very important and unless such punishments are meted out to the culprits, I don’t think women will feel secure in our country.”

The gangrape victim just the other day, a 23 years old paramedical student, is fighting for life in Safdarjung Hospital at New Delhi (India). She is better now, say the doctors, but still in a condition critical and vulnerable. The ghastly incident caused a big furore throughout the country and the issue rocked the Parliament where the parliamentarian in one voice, a rare occasion of unanimity on any issue, demanded death penalty for the rapists. Media gave it the first page coverage voicing the concern of the people in general in the matter most vociferously. The Indian Law provides the death penalty as a biggest possible punishment, but most heinous a crime as perpetrated by the rapists in the instant case  demands some thing more. This shall be in the fitness of the things if rape perpetrators are given a life imprisonment in the meantime rendering them impotent to suffer the each day of their life. Some of the Panchayats, particularly in the rural areas of the country, are at their own resorting to such type of punishment by rendering the rapist or rapists concerned impotent, and this they do forthwith implementing the decision themselves the  moment it comes to their notice. If the country doesn’t have necessary scope for the purpose in terms of the Law, this should be enacted afresh. The punishment so to be awarded to the perpetrators of such ghastly a crime like rape must be made lawful with immediate effect which the Parliament of the country is competent enough to do.

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13 thoughts on “Rapists–Why not render them impotent?



  2. well said


  3. Sir… The version of Smt. Mamta Sharma is very correct… It will be quite pertinent to amend the laws to deal with such type of intolerable and extreme heinous crime which is the biggest stigma on the cultured society… The rapist in this case have no right to continue any more.. They must be hanged or be handed over to the demonstrating mob as suggested by Mrs. Jaya Bachchan… Very relevant passage sir…


  4. Maybe? Maybe, it may be more appropriate for women. To determine that fate of those guilty of offences done to them, by men?

    The lack of respect for the sex that bought them into the world. That succoured them. That listened to their gripes and petty problems. Is too, too much!

    These animals, in human form. Actually, animals is too good for them. Need to meet with Parvarti? That they are reborn as females, to learn the true meaning of compassion.

    The karmic wheel grinds on ….


    1. *Very interesting. You have come out with a new dimension of punishment, which really appears to be most appropriate. Let the culprits be born as females in their next birth, if there is any such thing, and such a mode, as so suggested by you, fits well. My sincere thanks for your nice comment.*


      1. Why, thank you! Dear neelkanth.
        Always so appropriately polite and gentle, with your responses.

        For me, soul is soul. That soul is our pure energy. Energy cannot be destroyed; only changed. We live in a world of four dimensions. Scientists and mathematicians, through string theory. Have shown at least eleven dimensions. Maybe more? Some of those dimensions are believed to be, tightly coiled into the fabric of the cosmos? I do not know? We see things through our eyes and into our brains, usually. That we cannot see god? Does not mean it does not exist. Any more than those other dimensions. That is for each person to find, or not?

        I know where i stand on the issue. I would say to most, “do not be looking for the supreme being[s] outside. Although there is lots of evidence to the contrary. It is for each individual’s ability and how they approach the Maya, Karma and Dharma. That determines their ability to move on, through life. The school, the teacher and the lesson. To eventually join with and know. Whether, God is great?


      2. *Much superb an illustration on the topic. I did relish the theme feeling somewhat elevated within myself. I also feel like retaining the relative passage for my own consumption whenever so warranted. My sincere thanks.*


  5. I dont agree in talibanisation of law. Laws are already there. Ofcourse there is good scope to redefine them in order to make them more visible and deterant so that justice is meted out to victims fast. Society and Govt. both need to be more sensitive and responsive to the rehabilitation of victims.


  6. Quite correct suggestion for punishment.It will be more befitting punishment than the death punishment.


  7. Of course the rapist should be made impotent ,so hat they should feel whole of the life about the sin they made .


  8. Your idea would be a good deterrent.




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