Do you smoke?–Why not follow Rajnikanth’s advice?

Smoking is a curse, and so is more or less any use of a tobacco product. The harm it causes in many a ways is no more a secret as there are elaborations on that count made by several agencies of health with a wide publicity made for the purpose from time to time. While celebrating his birth day recently in Chennai, Rajnikanth, the film star being heart throb of millions of people in India and abroad, candidly shared his own experience in his own words with his fans in this way:

When I was a bus conductor, I used to drink a lot due to peer pressure. When I entered films, the problem got worse, and coupled with long working hours, led me into depression. After my marriage to Latha, I cut back on drinking, but continued to smoke too much. My lungs and kidneys got affected and I had to be treated in Singapore. Now for the past two months, I have been hale and hearty. That’s why I’m asking you to stop smoking.”

If a busiest person like Rajnikanth all the time feeling his head heavy because of huge worker pressure could manage to stop alcohol and smoking, why the rest of the people like ourselves can’t find it feasible to manage the addiction. It is just quite feasible, the need is to have a firm resolve. Why not do it at the earliest, sooner the better.


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12 thoughts on “Do you smoke?–Why not follow Rajnikanth’s advice?

  1. I am rather amazed that drinking alcohol, would be an affliction of any hindu? Although many during my time there in India. In 1970’s, would be smoking cigarettes, beadies and bhang. At the time, I also smoked. Though was trying desperately to quit. Which I was moderately successful at, by the time I returned to U.K. It took another seven years, to finally shrug off the habit. Which was accomplished by old-fashioned will power and copious amounts of tea, made with capsicum. At one point in my life, I was also a “social drinker”. But found it to be creeping vice. So, gave it up also.

    In Canada and N.America in general. Both are deemed socially acceptable. The dichotomy about tobacco use. Is that although government recognizes the link between tobacco use and poor health. They are happy to receive the taxation placed upon it. As too, the alcohol.

    I once knew a man, who quit tobacco; by purchasing a bag of pot; or bhang. His rationale was that the marijuana was easier to give up. Which most would agree with.

    As I start to get to the point of this? Neelkanth you helped to illuminate, through this blog.

    Was that all three are used by adherents to one religion, or another. The first nations, aboriginals, here in N.America. Use tobacco as a sacrament. To seal deals and send prayers on the wings of the smoke. Alcohol used by christians, as a substitute for blood. Bhang used by Sadhus. I suppose opiates and mushrooms that give the psychedelic experience figure for some?

    All looking for the godlike experience. When all the time, the supreme being lives inside. To be recognized or not. To have a relationship with, or not. The meaning of glorious life, or not. Little wonder it took Gautama Buddha some time to discover. To shrug off the mantle of material things, for his realization of “The Middle Way”. A guru once said, “to know god, you must see him/her face to face”. While it is possible to find your “self”; with any, or all of those substances. The true pleasure is not in any of them.

    Let us hope that Rajnikanth, finds the way too. He seems to be well on the path. Rock on, Rajnikanth!


    1. I wish the will power you could apply for yourself is duly and equally followed by others. The elaborate feedback so given by you enriches my information base. My sincere thanks for the comment.


      1. The mind seems to be a good servant but a poor master. To achieve anything, it [the mind] must be told to accomplish first. After that, anyone will be well on the way to succeeding. All of our action flows through the mind. Some conscious, some less so. … sounds a bit pompous? That seems to be the way of it? You, neelkanth, seem to have the way of it? With your writing, that is disciplined.

        Too often we let our mind be our master. IMO.
        Cheers Jamie!


      2. Your comment reminds me of Milton when he said “…mind is its own place, it can make a hell of heaven and heaven of a hell.” My sincere thanks for your inspiring and encouraging comment.


      3. Very Interesting an observation and a poet. Was that from “Paradise Lost”? A monumental poem. My thanks, for some thought provoking posts!


  2. Very good advice,i will try to follow in time.


  3. Smoking is a curse as the author has said. It must be stopped.


  4. Nice article.


  5. I was interested to write some thing on the Blog because it was very concern with social reformation but now I dont have any material to write because Blog it self says many thing for the purpose or massege .The other points which were in my view has also been taken along with few more by Mr. Hirundine608 And THUS I CAN WRITE ONLY THAT WILL POWER IS A VERY STRONG FACTOR FOR THE PURPOSE WHICH IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE OPEN MARKET, IT S TOTAL DISTRIBUTION IN THE HANDS OF ALMIGHTY GOD.


  6. Sir…. Very sincere and elderly advice to smokers and tobacco addicts… Thousands and thousands of people die and bear intolerable pain but they don’t give off these bad habits… May this advice help them for the shake of innocent children and other family members to get rid off such feculence …


  7. Good article.




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