Buying solutions to the problems?

Yes, it is damn easy and simple. If you are having a problem which you are confronted with, you just think of it, go to some temple, contact the priest concerned and offer necessary prasad preferably in terms of money taking it, for your satisfaction only, that your problem is solved. So long you are able to carry on with this sort of illusion, you are a happy person, as nothing happens beyond that. Vijay Mallya, a liquor baron and till now the owner of second biggest airlines King Fisher in the country, offered 3 KGs of gold to Lord Venkateswar at Tirupati Balaji Temple. Vijay Mallya is continuously in some trouble or the other for quite some time, latest being his airline King Fisher going a flop due to strike of its Pilots and the Engineers. If he is confident of overcoming the crisis after offering this much of gold to Lord Venkateswar, why the same efforts didn’t elicit any response when he offered the prasad more or less nearly of the similar value on earlier occasions to different Deities. He offered a big amount to Art of Living Foundation of Shri Ravi Shankar repeating the same act in several other instances. In fact, if the sumptuous offering by way of a prasad has any meaning, no trouble should have erupted at all for Vijay Mallya, leave alone the current crisis he is facing. The kind of worship based on an enormous amount of money or gold only looks like the rich people blackmailing different gods and goddesses too, and they just feel awe-fully deluded when nothing emerges as some positive result.


17 thoughts on “Buying solutions to the problems?”

  1. If Vijai Malya gifted to Lord Vankateshwar to rid off his current crisis,it is advisable to him that he should make deep study of SHRIMAD BHAGWADGEETA. He will find solution of his problems.Every thing relating to human life is available in the GEETA.


  2. i really am not big believer of this, when i was sixteen i tried this bribing God for something I am quite capable of but luck and Indian politicians played spoil sport- she just stuck out her tongue at me and silently told me you are not going to get it!

    it was a very ordinary request… but may be she knew better and knew that its better to snatch a thing away before placing it in palms.


  3. Mallya is a trained businessman. He knows tricks of the trade as how to buy Bureaucrats, Politicians and even God of his concept. Not a bad deal if 3Kgs of Gold could fly his fleet. We have noticed him out of the long queue before temple only because he holds the gold. People with smaller money in their palms go unnoticed though they too have a desire in disguise. We too mostly wrap our desires in foil of prayers and prasad.


  4. Sir, God has provided everything for living creatures on the earth. Water, air, sun and moon for light everything. The people in return pay their gratitude with full reverence to the God for His amazing gifts. God is not required for any offerings except pious feelings so such innocent people prefers water and flowers as offerings. But few persons like Vijay Malya have belief in cheating and bribing the God as they do in their routine life. It is a type of mental disorder and God will definitely punish for such type of act in the days to come.


  5. Vijay Malya sir can improve the temple height to higher level compare to temple shade on the malya sir building.. so the temple shade will not come on sir building…. God can give any things to anybody but only few people can dedicate to society. why means no body will ready to introduce new high level hospitals and not ready to introduce high qualify doctors.. making money is different but the hospitality is very much helpful and important to people with everybody live is important..if any mistake really sorry . For the first time am sending reply like this…


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