Parody of etiquette–Mr. Killer!

There is story of a lawyer who once caught a thief red handed while trying to commit burglary in his house. The thief ran away but the lawyer chased him shouting ‘you alleged Mr. thief, please stop’! Giving him deaf ears, the thief ran further away and was out of sight. The people of the locality gathered on hearing the noise and asked the lawyer as to why he unnecessarily wasted his time calling the thief with the addresses like alleged, Mr, and please. He gave 3 reasons for his conduct as such:

  1. I am a lawyer by profession and I can’t call any body as a thief unless the very charges framed against him are legally proved.
  2. I belong to a sophisticated family where it is considered quite un-gentlemanly calling any one just by his name without adding the necessary prefix as Mr. or Shri.
  3. I believe in etiquette and find it un-parliamentary to requisition something to some body without modestly using the word please.

 Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister in the Central Cabinet of India, behaved certainly like the stupid lawyer, as mentioned above, when he addressed the master mind, nay the actual killer, of Mumbai blasts (26/11) case as Shri Hafiz Sayeed while making his statement in the Parliament of the country, of course falling in line with his much earlier predecessor Shivraj Patil who used to call terrorists as Bhai (brother). During his speech, when ever Shinde had to make a reference to Hafiz Sayeed, he invariably addressed his name with the prefix of either Shri or Mr. There is, it appears, no dearth of over gentle men in the Congress Party as on another occasion long back Digvijai Singh, a great salwart of the Party, called Osama Bin Laden as Osama Bin Laden Ji. What a courtesy and what an etiquette?

A significant reader and follower of my blogs, Shyam Mohan Mishra, very appropriately quoted a great singer reciting the following lines in more or less the similar context like the above in one of his comments:

“Woh bedardi se sir katen,

aur main kahoon unse

Huzoor, aahista, ahista, ahista

Janaab, aahista, ahista, ahista”

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11 thoughts on “Parody of etiquette–Mr. Killer!

  1. While I am not able to comment on this Sushil Kumar Shinde, or even the Hafiz Sayeed and his murderous aim? Exept that the world would be better off without lawyers or murderers. No matter, how polite.

    I would comment on the man know as Osama Bin Laden. His connections to Al Queda and my belief he was working for the CIA. Since before the destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York. It was already being reported that the americans through their CIA set up the madrases in Pakistan, during 1980’s to radicalize Muslims and to encourage the violent opposition by them. To the occupation of Afghanistan, by forces of the then USSR. When it was being reported in the press that this Bin Laden was a son of the powerful Bin Laden’s of Saudi Arabia. Their connection to the House of Saud, etc. The connection of that Saudi family to the Bush family of U.S. A. It all had a certain stink to it. Especially, when the film by Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11 came out some years after that heinous attack. Showed the then president of United States, G.W Bush visiting some schools while the attack was being perpetrated. His fairly casual demeanour while the attack was ongoing, spoke volumes to me. The fact that it was reported in the press Bin Laden was receiving regular payment, as befitted a son of a powerful arab family; from his father and other relatives. Started my nose a-twitching. After 9/11, who benefitted in America? Why most of the main people G Dub’s circle. The Rumsfeld’s and Cheyney’s of this world. To name only a few. The people who then perpetrated a phoney reason for attack on Iraq. The attack on Saddam Hussein, etc. Funnily, I suppose? The man they had put into power only fifteen years earlier.

    This Osama was vilified throughout N.America and was constantly, officially, being sought; etc. Then like a modern day will o’ the wisp. He became elusive. For around ten years. Until surprise, a “covert” operation in a supposedly sovereign nation. He’s found, whisked away and buried at sea in a trice. Go figure? That was convenient, I would say.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Those same people and their friends were much wealthier while their country is now much poorer. Fiscally conservatives, they say?

    Oh and Afghanistan? Has been taken over by the yanks, had a centralized national bank, owned by rothschild’s, imposed. Also it happens, that country has very large deposits of rare earth minerals and a very convenient way of getting the oil out of the countries to the north of them.

    “Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean I’m not being followed”? Not sure who first said that? Though has an element of truth to it.


    1. My sincere thanks for the wonderful feed back so provided by you.


  2. very well expressed taunt ,through lawyer’s story…appriciable


  3. Good parody


  4. apki kahani hamare desh ke netaon ki tuchh mansitkta pratik hai aur satya ke sameep bhi


    1. *My sincere thanks for your brief but meaningful comment.*


  5. It emanates from congress culture of slavery and sycophancy.


  6. Sir….. The lawyer of the story is really a gentleman but stupid as you have rightly said.. There is no word for the astute politicians who are too much coward and in fact functioning as a joker.. They are a stigma of Indian politics.. It is extremely shameful that they are existing on the screen..


  7. Very fine parody,I am reading it again and again and laughing rather enjoing the Parodi.But one thing,need not to take any cognizance on such a matter because they all,you referred in your Blog,are the big gun in the Congress Party,they can say any thing,they can do any thing on the cost of nation .


  8. Congress is just like that.




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