SBI–Sword of Damocles did fall ultimately!

This was feared. The sword of Damocles which was till recently hanging on the head of the officers federation in State Bank ultimately fell on them with their top rank office bearers of the status of General Secretaries and Presidents in different circles being penalised heavily by the top level management of State Bank of India at their corporate office at Mumbai. The Chairman of the Bank, Pratip Chaudhary, was hell bent on severely punishing the office bearers of the respective Unions/ Federation some way or the other for their fault that they staged a dharna, although a peaceful one and that too during lunch recess, protesting against the Bank’s move to introduce 7 days a week work schedule as against 6 days a week presently. Obviously, the Chairman did it to please his bosses in the government, besides satisfying his own ego of a revenge. He must be feeling jubilant on his manoeuvres succeeding capable enough to elicit a pat on his back as from the governmental quarters. The Chairman possibly forgot that the Central Government itself is having only 5 days a week work schedule for its employees all over the country.

But for the lack lustre attitude and limpingly shaky a deal on the part of the officers federation in SBI, it was not to happen and the crisis could have been averted.


20 thoughts on “SBI–Sword of Damocles did fall ultimately!”

  1. Unions are just frightened. Whereas fear is an aid to the warrior. It is a small fire burning. It heats the muscles, makes them stronger. Panic comes when the fear is blown out of proportion. It consumes all courage and pride. I know such an warrior very closely who turned the tables all the time. So can present leadership. Why not…


  2. Sir… It is not strange.. This was to happen.. You have exactly diagnosed the reason.. I am fully agreed with the comments of Shri Shyam Mohan Mishra… Today every one is hankering for the legendary warrior of banking trade union movements… It seems not possible now to retaliate in a befitting manner and give a proper answer to Mr. Prateep Chowdhary, Chairman S.B.I….


  3. Spineless Federation has bowed down to wily Pratip Chaudhuri. The silent surrender of Federation leaders have spolit the names of stalwarts like Godbole, Shantha Raju, Amar Pal and T.N.Goel.
    The enthusiasm shown by the new lot to take over the mantle is now reflected in their eagerness to fall at the feet of Chairman and surrender the hard earned rights of Officers Association.


  4. One does not understand that as to why the Federation in its existing form should continue. They have totally forgotten the art of championing the cause of officers’ rights. They are keen to crawl before Chairman when they were asked to kneel. No action initiated and the stoic inaction continues. The same malaise has spread to AIBOC also which is led by the same leader.
    It is high time the affiliates take thier own independent stand align with some political out fit and teach Chairman the hard lessond for the harm he has done.
    The General Secretary’s promises of delivering the moon on the back drop of sordid happenings reveal where all gimmicks to get to the elevated post. He is an escapist to the core.


    1. The new leadership floundered when the doyen of sorts ComT.N.Goel was unceremoniously shown the door compliments draconian 19(3). federation remained mute.An innocuous letter irritated Chairman who had a score to settle with Goelji.
      The militancy of AISBOF did not bare his teeth from then onwards suffering the onslaughts like a damned slave. Heaps of humiliation was not enough to shake the leaders from its slumber. They continue to be mortally afraid of Chairman and indifferent to the suffering Officer community’s pleas. Better quit and pave way for leaders with guts and spotless back ground to take over the mantle.


  5. I think Sri Pratip Chaudhuri has rubbed RBI on the wrong side on many occasions.
    Probably to circumvent this he is trying to please the FM who is very well known
    for his affection towards Bank Employees/Officers.


  6. Gone through your “Draconian…….” & “SBI- Sword…..” articles. The in-depth views/thoughts expressed in both these articles can only be on a personality like yours. These articles compel the reader to think deeply what is going on in a great Institution like SBI. Where would this draconian act of the Chairman take the Bank? Surely, it is not in the interest of employees/officers in general & Associations in particular. But, will it be in the larger interest of Bank? No, at least I think so. After all, in my opinion, for the good health and growth of the Institution, the existence of a healthy & congenial environment with mutual understanding between the Management and the Associations is a must, as was also being accepted and expressed by the Bank Management till the recent past, before happening of these unfortunate events. Everyone in SBI failed to understand what was so wrong on that particular day, viz. 28th August, which hurt the Chairman, who had otherwise been carrying a pro-employees and a nice human being image, so badly that he took so harsh decision. After all, these type of Dharnas, demonstrations etc. were being staged in the past also, whenever needed, for various reasons.

    Further, till recently, the Chairman was expressing his anger towards the officers wing of Association and was praising award staff and their union. Perhaps, that prevented the Award Staff Federation to join hands with Officers Federation in fighting against the act of the Management. But now, it is reported that the Management has diverted its guns towards award staff and that too directly at award staff employees by issuing orders for transfer of all clerical staff right from Senior Assistants to Senior Special Assistants posted at Bank’s all the administrative offices including head offices. This is the start only. What is in its store, only God knows? So now, what would leaders in award staff Federation do now? Are they strong enough to fight against this act of the Management? Your advice to stand erect and unite was true. But they failed to accept it. It is high time now for the leaders to look beyond their differences and be strong enough to fight for their legitimate rights. If they do not do so now, they all should be ready to face more heat in the near future.



    1. Yours is certainly a thought provoking comment rich in elaboration. I do admire you for showing such a concern. I wish the people concerned follow it in its real spirit. I have expressed the similar concern in several of my other articles (blog posts), and you may very well go through them by searching ‘SBI’ or other tags. Once again my thanks to you, Neel Gagan.


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