Politics Vs. religion and business:

They are all so interlinked that it is quite difficult to draw a line of any difference between them. Politicians, business magnates and religious leaders, they appear all the same in a country like ours, India, using one for the other to match their goal. Baba Ramdeo is a saint, as he appears by his robes, but he is equally a business magnate running a full fledged business empire as a multi millionaire. It’s virtually a one man industry. He appears all set to join some political party or start one as his own like the then disciple of Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, did, as this is the step which helps the concerned individuals to run their business more smoothly. His opponents, mainly the Congress Party, accused him of having amassed huge wealth through his business and by accepting enormous donations to the trust he is running. He replied to the allegation by saying that what is wrong in it adding further that if Rajiv Gandhi Foundation accepts huge donations it is considered as alright and how come if he accepts the same thing it is branded as business. Factually speaking, there is hardly any religion which is not putting it on sale some way or the other. In our country, there are several big business houses who lag much behind large number of temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches in the matter of wealth. Politics, particularly in a country like India, is the centre of corruption in money matters no doubt, but there are many a religious centres also which are far above them in this regard.


8 thoughts on “Politics Vs. religion and business:”

  1. Whether it is Politicians, business magnates or religious leaders ,theirs all activities turns around the money and only money.It does not matter in what form / way it comes.


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