Behave yourselves, ye Parliamentarians!

The ugly scenario that has been obtaining in the Parliament of the country for the last some days is not only a matter of an stupefied amazement, more than that it is horribly shameful. Nothing sort of any business could be transacted for days together at a stretch. Who obstructed the very business from being transacted in a meaningful manner? Obviously the Very Important Persons (VIPs), the Members of Parliament, who instead deserve more to be called as Very Irresponsible Persons (VIPs) based on their behavioural pattern in the Parliament during all these days, silly and absurd. Members of Parliament, even including Ministers, behave in a normal manner as gentle men only when matters directly relating to their own personal interests of monetary nature like their salary and allowances, perks, etc., are discussed in which event there is a total unanimity visible sumptuously in both the Houses –Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The recent pandemonium caused in both the Houses too emerged out of personally political reasons only but here any unanimity was out of question as the parliamentarians involved had their eyes fixed on their vote banks instead of any cogent purpose concerning the people in general. There were open threats coupled with use of slangs and un-parliamentary behaviour defying necessary decorum. They even ridiculed the Speaker and the Vice President of India, who happens to be the Chairman of Rajya Sabha. The call of the day in fact is to curb the unbridled behaviour of the Parliamentarians making them realise their real worth through some positive mechanism developed for the purpose besides the right of the people in general to apply their whips as the ultimate weapon against the erring M.Ps. as a final judgement in the elections due in 2014. The hue and cry raised on reservations causing pandemonium is an issue most unwanted as it has already outlived its life. If intellectual level is a consideration, this has to be done strictly on merit. Any kind of reservation in promotions, besides the job reservation already existing, is just nothing but totally non-starter an issue.


12 thoughts on “Behave yourselves, ye Parliamentarians!”

  1. Dear Sir,You are crying in the vacuum,I never thought of such crying from a person rather from a person of an intellectual class like you,on the behaviour of parliamentarian.Did you have ever notlisten – HASEENO SE AHDE WAFA CHAHTE HO – BARE NA SAMAJH HO YE KYA CHAHTE HO? In my view to have any expectation of good conduct from present politicians is just like to deceive him self.
    They have been passed away long back who framed a conduct role for parliamentarians.Now at present you can find easily undesirable rather having criminal back ground parliamentarian or politicians in the public field,especiallysince the origination of regional political parties. Therefore I exhorting earnestly – Dont cry in vacuum.


      1. Sir, Of course,your view and your thinking in the interest of country as well as culture,is very admirable and mission wise pursuation gives a clear picture of a prudent citizen of the country.I know that any mission should not be over come by frustration and it is necessary for the success of mission.As far my view,given through the comment,is based on my frustration.I, too,wish you for the succes of your mission.My religious books and culture are also of the opinion which you express in the reply of the comment.


  2. I want to write few lines of URDU poetry which will give you,perhaps,correct definition of present politicians:-


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