Film ‘Talaash’, a mystery movie on supernatural element(s):

It has been a myth since times immemorial whether there is any thing like ghosts, or whether persons after their death invariably have to pass through the phase of ghosthood before they get rebirth, as many a people believe, as some live specie. Shakespeare has almost always talked of supernatural elements including witches in his plays. His ‘Hamlet’ deals with this profusely. There are several other works by different authors dealing with the theme of birth, rebirth and ghosts with romance being the central story.

Only the other day I saw ‘Talaash’ of Aamir Khan in a New Delhi picture hall with Aamir Khan himself, Rani Mukherjee and Kareena Kapoor in the lead roles. Aamir Khan is a police inspector named as Surjan Singh Shekhawat, Rani Mukherjee is his wife Roshani, and Kareena Kapoor is Simran, a girl from a red light area. Simran falls a victim to gangsters rage and dies. She turns into a ghost and is named as Rosie. There are several scenes of awe-fully robust accidents in the film with technological thunders in between. Rosie loves Surjan Singh Shekhawat, the police inspector, but refuses to reveal her real identity. Shekhawat and Roshani had a son who died in mysterious circumstances. After his death he talks to her mother with the help of a friend of hers via planchette which Shekhawat doesn’t like as he didn’t believe in ghosts and supernatural elements. The dead son insists while talking to his mother to talk also to his father Shekhawat who refuses to do so branding it all as something just false. When the film reaches a climax and the real identity of Rosie is disclosed, he repents realising that there are really such elements called ghosts and that they have capacity to talk with humans without being visible to them via planchette. The story ends on a note that ghosts and supernatural elements are a reality and that between the cycle of death and rebirth the soul remains in space as some spirit or a ghost waiting for its further transformation. It is of course left to the viewers and the readers to form their own faith the way they perceive the phenomenon.

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12 thoughts on “Film ‘Talaash’, a mystery movie on supernatural element(s):

  1. Dear neelkanth,
    While i do subscribe to the idea that a person’s karma dictates their next life in this universe. I do have some scepticism toward the idea of ghosts, per se. In Europe, the idea of spirits etc. Was and is, a spiritual idea of predominately Celtic culture. Also, perhaps, the tribe of Dan?

    Celts, of which I am a descendant. Celts, do not seem like nice people? Headhunters and head-shrinkers, was common in their culture. As was cannibalism. I cannot find it in my heart to see this as a culture to be desired. Especially as christianity seems to be tailor-made to appeal to them?

    The idea of their communion, with their god. Lies in eating flesh and drinking blood. Albeit in symbols of wine and wafers called bread. It still seems like a sort compromise, covering up what may still be going on, in dark ceremony? I’m also aware of hindi culture and their gods, etc. Of Shiva, Yama, Kali predominately. Their closeness to death, which is a reality for us mortals.

    Still, the idea that ghosts can walk and talk among us. Emphasizes for me, a convenient tool. For films and entertainment.

    Rather than allowing the light which is a person’s soul, to shine in a more true glory. One that, through a mediative state; allows for us to train on earth, for that divine state of eventual being. IMO

    A divine state, that Rama and his servant Arjuna. Emphasize in Bhagavad-Gita. As Rama, is Arjuna’s charioteer. He can guide us to those revelations of enlightenment. Not as ghosts stuck in trying to cross the river styx; but rather beings of light and true evolution.

    Then, again, “Talaash” is only a film. Of a film that passes for entertainment? Often meant to be thought provoking, which seems to have hit it’s mark here. It seems?




  2. I found the subject of the film interesting. But the narrative was very boring and tediously complicated. Of course the last fifteen minutes were quite good!


  3. Bharat me bhoot hi bharosay ke layak hai. Film will be a runaway hit.


  4. Ghost theory ……..very very confusing ..whether to believe it or not ??????????
    however these types of topics are always curious.


  5. Ghosts may or may not be there but they sure enriched our lives through literature and fiction.


  6. Film Talash is a good film


  7. The belief that there are ghosts appears to be correct.


  8. Sir…. Nothing can be imagined beyond the things already in existence only these are to be discovered in scientific way… The existence of ghost/ bhoot is widely accepted in every religion and corner of earth.. Hindu dharma has a very clear cut explanation on their existence so it is not only a matter of gossip or entertainment but a reality to be believed and studied as a occult science…


  9. Sir,I am not interested to involve my self in the mystry of existence of Ghosts and in fact I do believe in it.Although the captioned Blog did reveals its own view but as far my study of religious books or other relevant literature along with my few self expriences have made me a srong believer in existence of supernatural elements.
    Goswami Tulsidas requested such elements before he starts to write SHRI RAMCHARITRAMANAS,and in our age (period) I have seen a YOGI ie Sri Ram Sharma, who died few years back,accepted the existence of ghosts.Dr.Paul Branton has also written his experience about them.


  10. Let me see.


  11. Bang on target…awesome!!!


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