Peculiar are the ways for reactions to emerge:

Experiments are a key note address for different psychological reactions on the part of the people –they could be major, they could be minor, but they invariably count for a study on reactions a particular action elicits. This holds good for all, even including a trivial most area like blogging. I am maintaining 8 blogs, 5 with Blogspot (Blogger) and 3 with WordPress. It looks flimsy and funny, too tedious also, to keep a big number of blogs. I don’t know much about others, but at  my own level I find it to be too cumbersome a task. I was trying some new design for one of my blogs, and in the process of it I actually landed at opening entirely a new blog named as ‘Dreamland’ with WordPress only. The idea was to delete it after my experiments were over but at the finish level I developed a temptation to retain it. I did. I in fact did it with a mind to treat this blog exclusively private with scribblings of a personal nature in a casual manner without any concern for any frivolous expression. I did not expect any readership for it, nor in fact I wanted it at all for the reason that I retained it just for the sake of my own consumption. Nearly half a dozen entries I made were full of casualness bordering absurdities. I closed the blog to open it again after a few hours when I found that there were around 57 viewers with several ‘Likes’ and some comments. I just felt amazed within myself as to how come this happened this way despite my reluctance on that count. No doubt it was not a big number but the way it emerged abruptly was surprising. I quite know that there are writers who hanker for readership but feel disappointed at the receiving end. The mood of the readership is like rain showers –it may rain heavily or it may not rain at all. May be my readers took my Dreamland blog too in line with the current one Avenues, otherwise more popular a blog eliciting their response in a sumptuous measure, extending to me some bonus as a gift at their own. They are great, their reactions, though un-predictable, are greater. Bloggers need to follow and go by their mood.


9 thoughts on “Peculiar are the ways for reactions to emerge:”

  1. Sir, Whatever you write even in your words if it is ‘scribblings’ is superfine and unparallelled. Your readers and followers get inspired by your every word written or spoken. We hail the new blog by the bottom of our hearts.


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