Bloggers to behave themselves!

It’s every now and then that the bloggers point out that the readers don’t pay them the attention their work deserves. Their grievance is also that their readers merely give them their ‘Likes’ only without any comment. There are bloggers who quite often show their expertise on how a blog can be more popularised. Such advices contain huge material on the topic sumptuously providing what should be done and what should not be done. In fact, readers are competent enough to judge which material is worth reading and which one is not. It is frivolous to waste such advices addressed to them. They are the judge and let them act as such. They should rather be regarded as the final decision makers. It is the bloggers who have to fall in line with the readers according to the reaction they give on a particular article or post.

I, at times, come across as a blogger and as a reader too, certain posts which are hardly legible because of their page design being so clumsy with awe fully narrow lines containing tiny most letters readable only through a telescope. Some bloggers finish their posts just with a few words without even making it clear as to what the topic is about. Design wise, some blog pages look frightening with a pitch dark background where letters look studded into them like tiny pins lacking clarity vision wise. These are all the areas that irritate the readers, and there is no point in blaming them if they are reluctant to show their interest in such posts. Better it is for the bloggers themselves to behave well as such falling in line with what their readers like or dislike.

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13 thoughts on “Bloggers to behave themselves!

  1. Dear neelkanth,
    Well, I hope that my blog does not fall into any of those negative categories? As you probably know? My posts are few and far apart. I’m currently working on one about Dec 21st and the “Shift of Ages”.Although, the 5,125 years may be up before it gets posted? ;-] I must work on it and get it done. Unfortunately there is a lot of info about the event, that I’m trying to include. I seem to find it easier to respond to other people’s blogs, than working on my own.

    The thing about my blogging, is that it reminds me of that saying accredited to Lao Tse. “An opinion, is the easiest thing to give”. Or something like that? Anyway, I’ll edit and pare it down. Thanks for the thought!


    1. Your blogs are all qualitative and positive worth a profound appreciation from all angles. I do envy your skill of writing. I wish you to complete your work(s) as early as possible enabling your readers to relish them. My sincere thanks for your nice comment.


      1. Perhaps? Some of my skills lie in writing; I had never thought of it as a forte? I feel I’m more strong at putting 2+2 together. Better able at reading between lines and a spiritual sense of justice. Likely due to my personality, as defined by MBPI.

        I can only write properly in my native tongue, english. Whereas, I suspect you, neelkanth, and many of your supporters? Can speak, read and write in 3, or maybe more. While I have had a smattering of other language, non-use means it fades. So, if anyone should feel envious? It would be myself.


    2. Dear Mr. Hirundine608,
      I have been reading your comments on the Blogs of Mr. Neelkanth and in my opinion your Blogs would have definitely been nice.When ever I read your comment I find a high class skill of writting and expression.


      1. My dear veepee45,
        Thanks you so much, for your support, to comments made by me. On the most excellent blog, Avenues. I do occasionally write my own blog, “Needle at Sea Bottom”. Please feel free to join me there, from time to time. Thanks, once more, for your positive attitude. Cheers, hirundine!


  2. The bloggers ,Rather than improving their performance ,it is not fair to blame reader.By showing their resentment Such type of blogger further reduce the number of readers/How any body can compel to some one to read blogs.It is like begging favour of reader’s forcefully. It is entirely a freedom /choice of readers .


  3. Sir your blog is a natural fountain of affection and knowledge. It is almost similar to hear you in meetings and seminars without any artificiality. You have rightly said that reader’s choice should be honored.


  4. I enjoy that is enough for me to read a blog. You score a ton on that count.


  5. It should be left on the choice of readers.It is not necessary that what ever iswritten in the Blog the readers are by virtue 0f conduct they are bound to read it.


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  7. You are outstanding.




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