Next Prime Minister of India–Who?

It’s a big queue as India has a population of more than 120 crores. Apparently not a difficult task to find one individual capable enough to shoulder the onerous responsibility of the Prime Minister of the country. No dearth of faces either who consider themselves as most competent for the purpose telling the people of the country ‘Look, I am so great and can handle the Prime Ministerial job like ploughing a field’. Some one else says ‘I can take up this job as something damn easy like milking a cow’. Yet some body else exhorts that he can take up this job like invaders did it in the past ruling, successfully they will say, the country for centuries leaving India bleeding white. It’s a Mulayam Singh Yadav, a Laloo Yadava, a Chidambaram, a Rahul Gandhi, and a lot more in the zoo, besides a Narendra Modi, a Sushma Swaraj, a Mayawati or several others like that, the clowns are all out to exploit the masses in a fullest possible measure hypocritically assuring them a paradise of nicest possible governance if they are voted to power in the coming elections.

In a recent election meeting in Gujarat, L.K. Advani, the senior most leader of BJP and ex Dy.Prime Minister of India, projected Narendra Modi as the next Prime Ministerial candidate calling him a ‘role model’ from governance point of view. None can doubt the calibre and competence of Narendra Modi the way he has so successfully placed Gujarat on the world map in the matters of service  to the people in general with his profound developmental work. There are a few others like Nitish Kumar of Bihar who claims to be another role model on the basis that he has done a tremendous sort of work in this State of which he is currently the Chief Minister. Exceptions like this apart, there is hardly any body honest, energetic, and competent enough to occupy the seat which once was the citadel of a great giant sized personality, above board and competent, like Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. The people in general in the country have still to wait for their turn to exercise their power of vote determining as to who ultimately is their choice for as august an office as that of the Indian Prime Minister’s.


17 thoughts on “Next Prime Minister of India–Who?”

  1. Thanks for a wonderful blog, on the dubious quality of leadership. In my experience, good leaders seldom push their way to the front. They need to be dragged unwillingly to the front. Then persuaded with good reason, as to why they should be in the job, Rather like finding a pearl in a pile of sand. Then, again, I’m probably weird?


  2. There are numbers of examples ,where all political parties have never fulfilled the assurances given in their manifestos. People of India are now totally helpless in choosing an alternative for present system. May god help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Sir, a very relevant topic. Every institution or nation have its own hero every time. Before and post independence India was never lacking a hero or Rashtra Nayak. But unfortunately now it is lacking. In my opinion Atal ji have been last one. Emergence of local political parties have also worsened the situation. These are functioning as kabilas having its own sardar, be fooling their kabilas and believing in mule culture. The congress party is functioning beneath the aura of Nehru Dynasty but now flooded with corrupts and BJP boasting to be based on Hinduism but have no Hindutava now. We being the Indians believe in miracles and only God knows that what is fated for India. Now we have no option but to wish for a Rashtra Nayak for our esteemed nation.


  4. Sir,I thankful that you have given an article on a very relevant topic which has quite relevance with the problem of country.Now a days,what I observe,that the politicians have confined themselves with their self interest only.I dont find any politician,who is worried in the interest of the country,they are worried for their Vote Bank only – except exception.Of course,in present juncture,we can look towards Narendra Modi but hurdles are too much with him.

    Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru is referred in the article as acompetent and dominating Prime Minister but this time is quite different from that time because that period started just after independence leaving behind a long struggle & sacrifices.That was a period when the politicians of the country were having character and moral which is not available in present politicians.


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