Is it that this affair was really spiritual?

There are many a stories on romance between Edwina Mountbatten and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. There are different versions of it varying from one view to another. Some say there was something much deep in their sort of relationship, and there are some who hold a view that it was just a friendship between them without any thing else beyond that. Some even say that Edwina acted as an instrument to mobilise Pt. Nehru in favour of the British. Now that Pamela  Mountbatten, born in April’1929 as second daughter of Lord and Lady Mountbatten, has come out with a new theme that her mother Edwina’s love for Pt. Nehru was just spiritual one and there was nothing else outside this, this has unbelievably given a new dimension to the whole story. If this was the fact, how was it that Louis Mountbatten remained upset till such time he left India. Philip Ziegler has given a detailed account of bitter relationship between Edwina and Louis continuing for a long time in his voluminous book ‘MOUNTBATTEN’. As the then young boys, we were told about lot of love stories between Edwina and Pt. Nehru including that both of them spent longer hours remaining together, and that both of them jointly enjoyed bath in the swimming pool. Events of course took a different turn after Mountbattens left India. Pt. Nehru not only forgot Edwina, he rather became quite indifferent to her. Once she came to India from England with a mind to meet Pt. Nehru, but he showed no interest and ignored her. She went back disappointed and disheartened. Pamela may say any thing as after all Edwina was her mother, but the truth as we learnt from time to time is that there is no question of there being simply a ‘spiritual’ sort of love between the two, it must have been a deep rooted physical relationship between them.

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8 thoughts on “Is it that this affair was really spiritual?

  1. Sir, The colossal personality of our first Prime Minister Pt Nehru had varied dimensions. certainly there might have been some weak points too but that never had any kind of pressure on his instinct of patriotism. He worked relentlessly for giving the India a new shape. It seems that Pamela Mountbatten wants to be highlighted by her statements.


  2. Given this man Louis Mountbatten’s proclivity for his own sex? Maybe he was feeling cuckolded?

    The allegations in the british media lately, over the disgusting man J.Savile and his relationship with Mountbatten and others in the Saxe-Coberg Gotha family. Points another finger at this notion? The karmic wheel grinds on ….


  3. How Pamela Mountbatten, who born in April’1929 as second daughter of Lord and Lady Mountbatten, can say so firmly that her mother Edwina’s love for Pt. Nehru was just spiritual one and there was nothing else outside this.


  4. NOT AT ALL.


  5. Their relationship must have been physical


  6. I out rightly deckline the declaration of Pamela Mountbatten,I dont find any reason to believe on it.No doubt that Pt. Nehru,as a man, was a very gentle man,but it does not mean that he was a saint also.I,further want to add that spiritual love can not be centralised for an individual.Although, I have not made deep study on the topic but the circumstances indicates for deep relationship of Pt. Nehru with Lady Mountbatten.

    What ever is written by Pamela Mountbatten, but it can not be ignored that after all she was daughter of Lady Mountbatten.


  7. Much talked about an affair.


  8. NOT AT ALL.


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