It’s no solution to ignore a problem:

There are many a people who prefer to find a solution to a problem by ignoring it. Such an approach is only disastrous and is always likely to land the persons concerned in trouble. When a butcher targets a sheep, it closes its eyes to ignore the unseen. The result?. It is butchered. There was some talk going on on diabetes. A friend of mine suggested to fully ignore the disease, eat well and forget totally that there is any ailment like this. I wish that let no body follow such an advice as it is entirely suicidal. The disease is a dreaded one and requires more care than medicinal therapies. In fact care plus treatment both are equally warranted much to fight the diabetes. One thing is certain that if both these aspects are duly practiced, it is possible to overcome it if not fully at least partially. The person concerned should actually take it as a necessary evil confronting an individual and this has to be accepted as a challenge. Why not draw some quality advantage out of it?. Quality in the sense that it alerts a person to be cautious enough against the serious problems that may further accumulate. Once the individuals concerned are put on an alert, it essentially forms a set routine for them to vigilantly watch their health condition, which in turn results into a regulated monitoring. Taken in its totality, the routine watch so kept retains the different faculties of the body system quite in tact. Ignoring the ailment proves only to be a step forward on health hazards.


11 thoughts on “It’s no solution to ignore a problem:”

  1. Yikes! Ignore it? Something like diabetes and a person does deserve the consequence. A consequence of possible blindness and leg or foot amputation. Whereas, a proper diet high in fibre. Stretches out the absorption of sugars. Sugars, that all food when digested come down to.

    Foods like celery, pomegranate and cinnamon, all help with their unique properties. [I expect I missed some?] Plus exercise, on a regular basis not only for diabetes; but a good disposition. They will all help to minimise the affect, on this earthly shell. As well as providing the inner self with a peace.

    Plus I use my meditation time, as a way of setting aside and enjoying? Well, just enjoying!

    Jai gurudev!


  2. Sir, very sincere advice. To avoid problems is a problem itself. It may lead to a very miserable situation. So everyone should be more cautious on this point.


  3. In my view,any one should not be casual for any type of disease or ailment that too the disease like if any body becomes ignorant,it will be blunder.


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