Indians always feel much proud of the fact that their sense of hospitality is superior most in the whole world and there could hardly be any to match them on that count. This can not be taken as the end of the story, as there do exist others who are equally, if not more, hospitable. The picture above shows the American President, Barrack Obama, meeting Subramanyam Swamy of India with an Indian style ‘Namastey’, in so humble and simple a manner. This reminds us of our Nawaabs’ from Lucknow culture, who always gave utmost importance to their guests treating their own grandeur of power and pelf as just so secondary. We do adore the American President for his keen sense of hospitality and generosity in a manner humble and praiseworthy.


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12 thoughts on “Hospitality

  1. My time in India in early 1970’s. The hospitality received there, was unparalleled! It was a real lesson in life, from the Singh-Sani family. I will always be grateful for their compassion and help. Jewels among men.


    1. Very sweet an observation, and encouraging too. My sincere thanks for your comment.


  2. sir,very nice picture depicting the Indian culture and heighest degree of hospitality which is being adored and adopted by such a big personality of Mr Obama the president of U.S.A”Incredible India”….


  3. It is really praiseworthy ,collection of such photo ia also appreciable


  4. India is great


  5. We indians are proud of it.


  6. Swami is great. He is thinking in back of his mind ; Dhondhte phiroge tum har jagah hum ko,
    Apni baton se tujhe pagal na bnaya to phir kehna…… God save Obama


    1. Excellent


  7. hamari ‘Athit Devo Bhav’ ki parampara ko rashtrapati Obama dwara naman karte dekhna man bhawan laga dhanyabad


  8. Picture seems to be doctored.


    1. *Picture is the original one and not doctored as you feel. I am sure you must have liked it. My thanks, my blessings, as always.*




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