A virtual unity in diversity:


Coming across a caricature like the one above through my Facebook account, possibly transmitted by some friend of mine, I felt like giving it some space as a post on my blog. It talks of unity in diversity in a virtual sense. It’s a different matter that the sarcastic version of an Italian bai should have been replaced by somewhat a graceful word, but the same might not have been done possibly because the caricatures normally fall in the culture of cartoons. Originally the words like ‘unity in diversity’ were used by Dr.Radhakrishnan in one of his works, and this  became most popular a coinage like very powerful a slogan in later years. The context in which the caricature so quoted above has been used quite fits into the current political scenario. It has a message more of prejudices and political manoeuvrings than that of the real ‘unity and diversity’ originally referred to by Dr. Radhakrishnan. India has a large number of castes and communities, and it can’t remain confined to a selected few for the purposes of unity. The much felt need of the country is to direct a solid approach on getting all the people of India with different castes and creeds united by uniformly championing the cause of their interests without playing any politics or self suited manoeuvres.


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10 thoughts on “A virtual unity in diversity:

  1. I don’t think the word Bai has been used by the cartoonist with derogatory or defamatory intent. Me think it is for rhyming purpose and actually means “Lady”. Even otherwise in certain places lady is referred as Bai with reverence. That apart, the example of a President, Vice President, PM and a Minister belonging to 4 different religions is not an apt example of Unity in Diversity. Because it is politics and politics is driven by greed, gimmickery and many such factors. But India as a Nation is an ideal example of Unity in Diversity.


    1. Quite relevant a feed back. By the way ‘Bai’ is used also as a domestic help in many parts of the country including U.P. My sincere thanks for your comment.


  2. Yes, it is correct


  3. Nice looking and correct.


  4. Sir,in India everyone is at liberty to express his views as he likes because”India is incredible” and there is a strong unity in diversity….i wonder why Sonia is still called an Italian Bai She loved Rajiv Gandhi,not the son of Prime Minister of India…She married him and became Indian..She always vehemently opposed Rajiv Gandhi’s participation in politics…What happened that was the destiny..We have a series of Bais in our history commanding great regard like JIJA BAI,PUTLI BAI and LAXMI BAI and so on…The reference of Sonia Bai (Italian Bai) if quoted in a sarcastic way then it is highly condemnable as you have also observed it..She is for better than hundreds of politicians of Indian origin spreading too much infection in our esteemed motherland that is India…….


  5. It is fact that whole of the party members are governed by Italian Bai but in my view the real unity is not prevailling in the mind of members in general because there is a problem of acceptance.Every one is very much inclined to be supper most in this party also for which majority acceptance is a major factor.Therefore,under the banner of Gandhi – Nehru family every one is appears united.Rather,I want to say that it is not the quality & capibilty of your Italian Dai,but there is only reason behind this unity is limitation of members.


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