Aam Admi’s Party–horizons and beyond?

Now that a new party, a political one, has since been formed as an offshoot of India Against Corruption, the people in general and the middle class in particular are looking forward to it with some hope that a novel revolution being there in the offing, some tangible measures are a likelihood on the front of corruption, inflation, law and order, security, and black money.

It’s not first time that any new party is formed, it happened in the past also. Political stalwarts like Acharya J.B. Kriplani and Chakravarty Rajgopalacari formed their own separating themselves from the Congress with an independent entity. Both of them did it with a claim that Congress was no more working in the interest of the common people, and that there was a need to bring in ‘inquilab’ in an effective manner and see that wrong doings of the Congress were remedied. Initially both the parties did well igniting new hopes to the people but soon the expectations built on new slogans got dwindled to a rock bottom level as nothing much tangible could be done by them. Congress remained where it was. Just in the recent past, Anna Hazare was considered to be a messiah of the masses and his name was a wave throughout the country giving entirely a new image to till then a non political forum called ‘India Against Corruption’. This too was a flop after some time, as indicated by me in my earlier posts. This was mainly as a result of a bitter difference of opinion amongst the partners of India Against Corruption. Baba Ramdeo took the lead with his own slogans against corruption and black money. He too had the same fate and miserably failed to bring in any results. Now it is ‘Aam Admi Party’ which is promising the moon to the people of India with Arvind Kejriwal in the saddle. Promising horizons of hope through self coined slogans is easy, but most difficult a task it is to give them a physical shape. For our own satisfaction, let us hope and wish for the better, but what actually is in store for the people, only time will tell.

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10 thoughts on “Aam Admi’s Party–horizons and beyond?

  1. There had been lot of changes the ethics of politics since Acharya J.B. Kriplani and Chakravarty Rajgopalacari formed the new parties.Now it requires lot of money, muscle power and other tactics .How Aam Aadmi party will manage.Any way let us hope and wish for the better,


  2. The mango man in India is not as naive as he used to be ,,,,,,, he will wait and then react 🙂


  3. Common man of India will have to wait and watch what happens ultimately.


  4. Let them have a chance to show their strength


  5. Let us hope for the best,I wish to this new political party for its success.I dont want to say openly that I too have doubt for its success. therefore,I once again wish that almighty be kind enough to public of Bharat and Anna Hazare,Baba Ram Dev & Kejriwal may get success in their mission.One thing is more,that we the public of India should be thankful to Anna Hazare & Baba Ram Dev by whom the factual position in regard to scams & black money could come in the knowledge of public in general.
    One thing is beyond doubt true that when ever the Congress Party remained in power with full majority the prices of commodity or usual consumable items have gone up high.In addition to it,I am of the view that present scenario in regard to price hiking has a different reason ie the slogan of “GAREEBI UNMULAN”.On the basis of this slogan,the political parties in power have a hidden agenda to have their Vote Bank fully secured.Under this agenda the Govt.floats many schemes like Rightoff Loans, Free of Cost Water for irrigation,Free electricity,PAUSTIC AAHAR YOJNA in Schools etc and above all these schemes high profile scams are much more powerful factor to hike of the prices.Since independence the Govt.is roaring to routout poverty but numbers of poors are increasing with the same speed with which Govt. is roaring abolish it.


  6. The truth is that issues like fight against corruption can appeal to urban middle class and occasionally succeed in mobilizing flash mobs but are unlikely to serve as foundation for a political party. For instance, Communists in India are for the most part untainted by corruption but they never go to town about it. Their support base has more to do with ideology than perceived probity.


  7. Sir. Was Gandhi ji a politician? Definitely Yes. But at the same time he was a great saint. That was extraordinary combination in the personality of that great Mahatma. He had no self. It was his biggest power. It should be sole power of anyone interested in public service. I dare to ask a question from you sir. Were you finance minister of India? Chairman S.B.I.? Or chairman I.B.A.? Definitely no. But the banking workforce witnessed spectacular and miraculous changes and dignified achievements during your time. Why the same is not now? because you had no self but conviction to make the changes required. Anna Hazare is a politician but saint too. He also has no self. Aam Aadami’s party chief Sri Kejariwal used the personality of a saint to project himself in public. Now he is in political arena. Why did he not come straight way in politics? Only ‘Pole kholo and Gali do’ drive is not going to improve the Country’s condition anymore. The need is to clean the politics and that can not be done by any political party but by persons having no self. I beg pardon for quoting a dialogue of film ‘Pratighat’ released many years ago that is ‘This is all impotent intelligentsia’. Anna Hazare says to vote for clean people of any party that seems true. Sorry sir for a lengthy comment.


  8. Kejriwal is a matinee show.


    1. Wonderful conclusion. My thanks.


  9. GOOD ONE.


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