Why politics is a favourite topic for every writer?

Damn easy it is to talk about politics. Every body talks about it, it is a rickshaw puller or thelawalla, a business man or a salaried employee, a butcher or a sweet seller, a student or a teacher, all of them are capable of talking untiringly on this subject. It is not at all necessary for some body to be a scholar or a researcher to opt it for discussion. People take up some specific item for talks and when they exhaust or fall short of the material for the topic, they get down to politics. Writers or free lancers settle at talking of politics when they are unable to select some specific topic for the purpose out of exhaustion. The reason for all this is obviously the fact that if there is nothing to talk about, talk politics, as it is so handy.

This is all in a lighter vein on the face of the reality that politics does play most vital a role in every body’s routine life. A housewife has to talk about it as she is the one to suffer most on the front of soaring prices. A daily labour has a pinch in managing meals for him and his family on day today basis because he just can’t afford buying necessary food out of the limited amount he receives as his labour charges. Thanks to soaring prices again on this count too. A salary earner has the same difficulty, and so is the case of a poor student. In all practical terms, politics is something that concerns all categories in the society and they do have but to take up politics as a topic of their routine talks. For this very reason, the writers too, who are supposed to be the spokesmen of any society, find in it their favourite choice picking it up as a cogent material for their writings.

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8 thoughts on “Why politics is a favourite topic for every writer?

  1. Politics are the invisible chains of our slavery. Little wonder, most feel it necessary to have input.


  2. Sir. The politics has now been the life element of society. People involved in politics actively are beneficiary (khas aadmi) and not capable to play political games are poor and gullible (aam aadmi). So both parties always talk about politics. Now there is too much politics, politics in name of religion, cast and creed even social and family celebration are also infected by political fever. We can not avoid it now but the need is to make it clean and moral.


  3. The reason for …….., everybody is talking about politics is that every citizen is effected by the decision/policy of politicians. All time topic is related to price hike and subsidies (except politians)


  4. Your article too can be a politics as, as said by you Sir, every thing falls in this category.


  5. Plato taught us that one of the several penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. Politics is kind of a battle for proving our prowess in the areas to which it relates


    1. Right on.

      “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws” ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild.


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  7. I endorse shyam


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