Do the prayers have any intrinsic worth?

Apparently I do not believe in prayers but, at times to my amazement, I find I do. In fact what drives me to think against prayers is its commercialisation. Temples and other places like that work like a shop where they charge big amounts for praying on behalf of some body to bring him/ her necessary good luck. Or if some one has, to his own realisation, committed some crime or a sin, he does himself offer necessary prayers as a ritual to overcome the guilt which the person concerned suffers from. As an alternative, the person concerned goes to some priest with the request to do the needful. The priest prescribes necessary fee for the purpose based on the magnitude of the crime or the sin so committed. The prayer of the type of a bought one can’t be supposed to be an effective one as it lacks in its intrinsic value. It is of course the prayer that emerges out of a keen realisation on the part of the person concerned which does matter as it springs up from the very core of one’s heart. No prayer has an addressee, it is in fact self realisation which elicits peace to a troubled mind. My honest expression of ‘WISHING PEACE TO THE WORLD’ elicits quite soothing a response to my own self, and so it does to the person at the other end, as such a prayer is not a ritually bought one from the market. If some body prays for me in honest terms realise as he/ she does through his/ her own natural instincts, it sumptuously matters. The prayer thus done faithfully is full of an intrinsic worth as against the one made simply as a ritual on monetary considerations. Prayer done honestly with self realisation is in itself soothing and capable of rendering necessary solace to both –one who prays, and the one who is at the receiving end.


14 thoughts on “Do the prayers have any intrinsic worth?”

  1. It is strange that you are writing about this. Since something similar has been on my mind, too. It is human nature, that is religious. We all do it at times. Especially when under stress. In general, I do not believe in God. At least the conventional views on it. If one considers our universe, without even considering the other 48 billion or so. Something had to create it’s matter? Even if only, for the micro-second it took to explode in the big bang? I’m sure we all see ourselves in God’s eye? Even the most agnostic, see themselves as meaningful in creation?

    40 years ago, I was introduced to Raj Yoga and have been practising it ever since. Some times more, sometimes less. Does the third eye exist? Physically it does, in the form of pineal gland. In the heart, or rather behind, as the thymus. So, perhaps we do have the ability to see god? I find it gives peace and a certain insight into my life. So, I’m not about to stop.

    It is said; that our planet is about to move into a new age, one that is called golden. Let us offer up a small prayer, that this is true! Om


  2. As I replied to one of your previous blog”Stutters of oracle in travail?”
    There is a very strange relation that as crimes are increasing dependence on almighty for benevolence is also increasing.
    The “mantras” and hymns which are present are for providing solace to the mind so that you can work better towards accomplishment of the job and not to request the Almighty for success,therefore we do not need any addressee who would enchant them for us.


  3. A person is happy when he thinks that praying helps, it makes sick better, improves quality of life. It hardly matters so long as prayers make us happy. Kuchh bhram bade khoobsoorat hote hain bane rahne chahiye.


    1. Dear Sri Mishra,
      I congritulate you for your comment on the Blog Dated 28.11.2012 as “KUCHH BHARAM BADE KHOOBSOORAT HOTE HAIN BANE RAHNE CHAHIYE”, but in fact, what I could understand on perusal of your comment that in a most beautiful manner you have evaded to express your own views in a more candid manner on the Blog.If any thing else,which I am unable to receive,please make it clear.


  4. The Blog in it self is very nice and it is quite true that present scenario at Temples is a twested version by its representatives ie PANDAS or PUJARI.
    Comment of hirundine608 and rebecca2000 are very very fine & meaningful.Comment of Shyam Mohan Mishra is also very nice but having the same view on different point of the Blog I am of the opinion that we should make deep study of SHRIMAD BHAGWAT GEETA.


  5. Sir prayers do miracles if done by a clean heart. If someone is not capable to perform any specific prayer he goes to his Purohit for that purpose. Purohits are supposed to be kind and honest. They do prayers on the behalf of their customers. The system has given employment for many many people which is required to keep the religion alive. But now most of the Purohits are disguised looters. Such persons should be unveiled.


  6. Prayer is purely sumptuously matter and should be performed through own natural instincts. A man should establish direct relation with god . For this why a individual should hire priest as mediator on rent.


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