Aam admi Vs Khas aadmi?

India Against Corruption (IAC) has since announced the name of its party as Aam Admi Party. The name so adopted was announced by Arvind Kejriwal, till now an activist of India Against Corruption. Manish Tiwari, earlier a Congress spokesman and now Minister of Information and Broadcasting, has taken an exception of the name so given to the newly formed party saying that the very nomenclature as aam admi has all along been synonymous with the Congress Party right from the year 1885 and that no body has a right to hijack the name as such. What a funny logic as from a person otherwise known as an intellectual? Tom, Dick, Harry or any biggie, who is there who does not talk of aam admi, in a manner positive or negative?. Manish Tiwari’s utterance as such sounds as quite feudalistic with a mentality to monopolize every thing which he can lay his hands upon on earth on behalf of himself or the political party which he belongs to. Even great  monarchs had never such an authority vested in them. Actually it is the attitude like this only which is causing much harm to his party. It is just so flimsy on the very face of it. Aam admi (people in general) is not a property to be owned by any individual or a party. nor they can be possessed like some dead stock. Authoritarian propensity like this deserves to be condemned only as something with no substance in it.

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10 thoughts on “Aam admi Vs Khas aadmi?

  1. I find the names chosen by political parties, to be misleading. Here in Canada, the main three parties are Conservative, Liberal and New Democratic. In U.S. of A. it is Democrats and Republican. None of them appear to practise what they stand for. The Liberals, seldom have liberal attitudes. The Conservatives, practise neither monetary conservation; or conservation of resource. The Democrats usually tied to organized labour. Present an agenda driven by their constituents.

    Why do they choose such names? They become an exercise in “doublespeak”. I imagine, designed to capture the imagination of the public at-large? A public who’s vote is of importance to the party seeking election; that assumes these personas are reflecting a belief that they cherish? After all, if you call yourself a political conservative, it surely means fiscal restraint or similar? …. And on …

    I surely hope your Aam Admi party, is able to do what is says? Given the power structure of the world, my suspicion would be that without following the status quo. Of what is here; called pork-barrelling. They will be a marginal force at best?

    However, if I were able? I would at least give them the chance, to prove me wrong.


    1. So meaningfully worded. My sincere thanks for your comment.


  2. Manish Tiwari is not wisel ; he is otherwise.


  3. Manish tiwari and dijvijay singh are curse for congress. If their statements continue like this. it will be beneficial for other parties in for the coming election.


  4. Statement by Manish Tiwari is irresponsible type


  5. Well said, sir.


  6. Sri Manish Tiwari belongs to a such political party ie Congress Party which can speak any thing can do any thing without having any consideration of impact on public as well as on contry. Sri Tiwari is not alone in the party,there are so many in the party like Sri Tiwari & D igvijai Singh.In fact the congress is not any party but this is a big gathering of sycophants.It can not be denied that he would have been directed in such a manner. In my view the congress party has become just like that young man who is enjoying his life lavishly on the wealth earned by his parents while he himself is doing nothing.

    sri Digvijai


  7. “Words out of the mouth reveal the thoughts running inside the mind.”
    Mr.Manish Tiwari words clearly depict the rift he and his party has with IAC and if he says that “aam aadmi” is synonymous to Congress then he must understand that his party itself is neglecting the significance of its name.


  8. Sir as Hirundine608 has correctly observed that name of political parties are chosen to be fool the public. Someday after any lady activist may fall AAM AURAT PARTY. Sri Manish Tiwari And Sri Digvijay singh are acting as public entertainer of Indian politics.


  9. We should not mind Manish Tiwari.


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