Stutters of oracle in travail?

Ajmal Kasab, seconds before he was to be hanged, offered prayer to Allah, the God. The prayer, as reported, did include his humble submission to Allah with his utterance that he would never again commit such a heinous crime in his next birth. Islam has nothing like any faith in one’s next birth, as they believe that it is only on the doom’s day, the day of Qayamat as they call it, that all the dead bodies rise from their graves and all of them are produced before the Allah for His judgement on their doings during their life time. In no religion, their God permits killing of innocent people, and what judgement would be given by Him in his case, only He knows. It can be any punishment but He would certainly not absolve him of the sins he heinously committed on this earth. Remembering God in the times of trouble is a normal inclination  for every one, and this is what Kasab too did before he was hanged. This was the moment when he must have realised to his inner conscience what causing death to others means. Good that he offered prayers, but read in the background of death penalty for him, his prayers were nothing but stutters of oracle in travail. Friend or foe, India has a culture to offer peace to the departed soul when they die, and let the same thing be done in his case also even though he did not deserve it.

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10 thoughts on “Stutters of oracle in travail?

  1. Good heading.


  2. Kasaab deserved this punishment


  3. No punishment is possible,which is given to Kasab in comparision of his heinous crime,otherwise he deserve for much more . If Kasab may be available for a while,I must ask a question – for what you have done such crime ( GUNAH ) under which 166 innocent persons were killed? and at the end you too is hanged to realise you, what a severe pain you & your company have given to 166 peoples and their family. I once again,recollected a scene of Nariman House where mother & father both were killed by you or your colleague,of a pair of kids.The grand father of kids came from his country to bring them.Kasab – I am sure,that you would have definitely felt, what you had done in Mumbai on 26.11.How ever your death is not a cause of my happiness,the cause of satisfaction is only that justicee is given to those who were killed by you on 26.11.2008.


  4. Sir… On the ill fated day i.e. 26-11-2008 as I remember the identity of Kasab as flashed on t.v. screen and print media was as Ajmal kasai belonging to any kasai tola of a city in Pakistan.. But later media refined his name as Kashab.. He butchered the humanity so his soul can not find peace any where..


  5. The karmic wheel grinds on ….


  6. I doubt if this would end in my or my children’s life time.:-(


    1. My sincere thanks for a nice comment of yours.


  7. Its a normal human tendency to remember God when problems knock the door for his benevolence.This is the sole reason(which we might all have experienced)that any temple that begins in small place slowly becomes a big temple by increasing “moortis” relating to people’s “mannat”.
    This is a very strange relation that as crimes are increasing dependence on almighty for benevolence is also increasing.


  8. Good analysis.


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