Democracy sans right to speak?

Mumbai remained closed for a day on sad death of Balasaheb Thackeray. He did deserve it by all means. In fact the popularity he had at his command was enough to claim a shutdown of the whole country. Exceptions apart, he was loved, respected and revered by all and sundry. He was a legend. But what is unwarranted is the arrest of the two girls, Shaheen and Shrinivasan, for very simple a reason that there was some facebook comment questioning the shut down of Mumbai. Shaheen made a comment and it was liked by a friend of her’s Shrinivasan. Both were found guilty of hatred speech and were taken into police custody. Actually, as per law, there was nothing like any hatred speech in the comment so  made by Shaheen and endorsed by Shrinivasan by way of a ‘Like’ on the face book. If democracy has any meaning, the right to speak out one’s mind can’t be throttled like this. Both the girls have apologised saying that they loved and respected Balasaheb Thackeray most. If one respects some body, it doesn’t mean that her/ his right to offer some sort of even a minor criticism on some point or the other dwindles for ever. Markandey Katju, a former justice of Supreme Court of India, rightly remarked in his letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister this way:

“….We are living in a democracy, not a fascist dictatorship”

Something that was in no manner any issue at all is unnecessarily dragged to a situation much out of proportions. Arrest of the two innocent girls by the local police in Maharashtra just can’t be justified by any  means. It is nothing but a sheer injustice and is required to be condemned in a sumptuous measure.

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8 thoughts on “Democracy sans right to speak?

  1. To express the sentiments of Justice Katju in a different way, one can say that we are living in a fascist democracy. Not just the powers that be, even in other spheres, those who have been endowed with power and authority abuse and misuse it without batting an eyelid. The case in point is the act of the SBI Chairman Pratip Chaudhry which is no less heinous. To Charge Sheet the elected representatives of Officers across the country and to openly proclaim that they will all be dismissed and for what? For holding a peaceful demonstration in the lunch time against the most inhuman proposed move of the Bank to introduce 7 days working for Officers who are already working 12 hours a day for all six days! Is there no one in the finance ministry to rein in such power drunk Executives?


  2. It is true that Balasaheb Thakery was a great personality,as author of the Blog has written, which is absolutely correct. In fact it should not mean that fundamental rights of the citizens are suspended with a bias in a particular case.The girls should not have been taken into police custody as the very constitution of India has equally given them too the right to speak and express themselves.
    In this sequence the comment of Mr T.N.Goel as given on this post is also quite appropriate and I fully endorse it.


  3. Very correct description.


  4. To throttle democracy is and should be treated as sin


  5. Zikr kijiye khoob keejiyay par shart yeh hai sirf unke zalwon ki baat keejiye.


  6. Sir. The act of arresting the innocent girls by Maharashtra police is highly condemnable. It only reflect the ugly face of police and non sensitive administration. Almost all the times social harmony is challenge by such actions. Here i also share the agony of Sri T.N. Goel regarding unwarranted behavior of SBI management. This can only be countered by a befitting reply from SBI people. But the leadership have to come forward with readiness to make sacrifices in trade union spirit. Sri Shyam Mohan Mishra has very correctly depicted the situation.


  7. The condemnable act by Mumbai police,clearly depicts the fascists democracy which does even prevails in India.This act is against the right to speech the constitution guarantees to every Indian and should be highly criticized by everyone.I am in all praise to the judiciary which once again protected the superiority of the constitution and made Indians aware of their Fundamental Rights.


  8. It is condemnable act.


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