My invisible friends:

Many a friends, many a philosophers, many a guides, and all of them taken together form an entity whom I have to call my beloved ‘Readers’, and to me they are virtually as such. Many of them I do know personally but a vast majority of them are much away with a big geographical distance far far away from my sight range. I can only think of them in my imagination. I can feel them but see them not. I can realise them but it is sans any verbal talk. Nothing like any dialogue or any kind of discussion. It is all a peculiar relationship. But there is a bond, a bond of nearness, I can say some thing of the sort of well built kinship of a remote order. They read me, I too read them, we exchange our views on different topics, I endorse their views or express my contrary opinion, they too do the same thing agreeing with me or totally differing. In my otherwise dormant moments, I at times think of forming an exclusive union of the invisibles, but soon another thought erupts as to how it would look like? Will it virtually look like the union of speechless fellows just  invisible in character. If yes, let us feel contented with whatever shape we are existing as on date. Ours is a great relationship and let us continue the mission of universal brotherhood in black and white with much bigger a zeal and fervour.

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9 thoughts on “My invisible friends:

  1. Beautiful title.


  2. What is wrong in having their union


  3. Union of Invisibles – what an idea Sirjee.


  4. It is a fine idea and a nice approach to have & maintain relationship.


  5. Sir….. An excellent idea coinciding with the personality of yours having super instinct of creativity… Have any one seen oxygen responsible for continuation of living kingdom ?? Like that the fragrance of your ideas and personality is also cosmopolitan beyond the barriers of the borders….


  6. The invisible life on this earth like bacteria and other plant forms have a great influence on visible life forms. Similarly apparently invisible thoughts modify our thought processes.Thus an idea n the right direction. 🙂


  7. To sublime our life discussions about our feelings and thoughts is best option.By forming a union or group where thoughts can be placed discussed and implemented is the need of the hour.Actions that are collaborative,inclusive and of consensual nature can do wonders and deliver best results.


  8. your invisible friends are very important it will benice maintain relationship.


  9. Very good heading.


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