Justice done, Kasab is hanged!

Prime accused in terror attack of 26th November’2008 at Mumbai, Ajmal Kasab, has since been hanged to death at Yervada Jail in Pune. Justice, though delayed, has thus ultimately prevailed  The killer who perpetrated the cruel act of shooting down a large number of people, including women and children, mercilessly at Mumbai had filed a petition before the President of India seeking his pardon against the death penalty already awarded to him by the Court. This petition was rejected by the President. Refer earlier post on the subject as given below:

Link: https://uppermost.me/2012/09/20/killing-others-mercilessly-seeking-mercy-for-self/

There yet several others with their mercy petitions pending with the President of India, mainly including that of Mohd. Afzal Guru, a death row convict in terror attack on Parliament of India in December’2001. As a death row convict, Afzal Guru’s case is older than that of Kasab’s, and there is a suspicion lurking in the minds of the people as to why only Kasab was isolated for execution solitarily allowing him (Afzal Guru) and others to survive and continue their manoeuvrings against the interest of India. Justice demands a peremptorily implemented action like it is done in the case of Ajmal Kasab.

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11 thoughts on “Justice done, Kasab is hanged!

  1. There are plenty of people walking around who should be dead and many dead who should be alive. Could it be that these murderous thugs have their karma accelerated, by death? Perhaps it might be better to set them free?

    Just not on this planet. Send them out into space, open the doors and set them free? Where they can no longer be a drain on society, here on Gaia. Out where they may take their chance with living free? Out where the universe will take care of them and we do not have their blood, on our hands.

    The karmic wheel grinds on ….


    1. These are wonderful expressions on the topic. I not only endorse them but feel very much like falling in line with your thoughts. My sincere thanks for a nice comment.


      1. neelkanth,
        My tongue was partially in the cheek, when I wrote the reply. However, it has been on my mind for some time. That it represents a solution to such hatred and anti-social behaviour. Without sounding too flippant?

        Still it is the weapons makers that need to be brought to task. Without hatred, there would be little market for their products. So it does seem that it’s for their benefit, to fan those flames. The weapons makers, like the Hittites of old, need to be brought to account for piling up these instruments of death.

        It is a farce, that there is such a thing as a “Nobel Peace Prize”. When the patents on their explosives, are what fuels so much death; of innocents. So much easier to divert those tax-dollars with each bang and boom. Each crack of machine gun means they are enriched. Now, don’t get me started on land mines.

        BTW I am pleasantly surprised that you and some of your subscribers, get my point. Thanks! Jamie.


  2. It is very sad that decisions in the cases of terrorism are also effected by keeping in view the vote bank by present government.


  3. Delayed but right decision


  4. Ajmal Kasab deserved only death.


  5. Sir the hanging of Ajmal kasab is a soothing news for all those who love humanity and the motherland. The condonation from the President is for those culprits who commit crimes in some compelling circumstances and feels great remorse thereafter. But spending of many crore of rupees on the security of these demons and delaying the implementation of the capital punishment awarded by highest court of the land is a crime in itself undoubtedly it is a vote bank politics. It may also be a compulsion of coalition government. All such enemies of humanity and the nation must be hanged without any further loss of time. In this regard the comment by Hirundine608 is quite pertinent and appreciable.


  6. Ajmal Kasab is hanged,it was very much essential in the interest of jutice.Although the entire episode is very panic.Once again the scene of 26.11.2008 swam before eyes which I had seen on T.V.
    Sir, one question is hammering my mind whether Kasab hanged really or the Govt. played any game to befool the public of India.There are certain question to doubt about it as to why such prompt action is taken by Govt.while upto few days back it was not a matter of priority.
    However ,what ever is done,it was necessary in the interest of justice.


  7. Oh Lord Pl. don’t send anymore Kasab to us. It is so painful to have him on our planet.


  8. The eventual outcome of terror attack in Mumbai is legitimate personally,socially as well as politically.President did a nice job by denying the mercy appeal of the merciless.
    I would like to request Human Rights people to not to make this as an issue against government because in this case no human rights had been violated. The judgement and its implementation all was perfect.


  9. R I P Kasab at least now.


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