Nothing is too small to be so satiating:

This is about my page views, a normal anxiety for all the bloggers. It is something not that significant to talk much about, but it does count from a normal human weakness point of view to feel glad on even most a meagre achievement. My current page views, as they appear on my site, read as 100,000+. May be I am still at the bottom compared to many who have much bigger a readership to their credit, but for me even this much matters, as I have achieved it bit by bit putting in a hard labour for the purpose. It was of course possible only because of the cooperation and good wishes of my valued readers, followers and the viewers without whose help and support my labour so put in might have just resulted into a nullity. I am, from the very core of my heart, so very thankful to them in sincere terms keenly looking forward to such of their patronage in days to come too.

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9 thoughts on “Nothing is too small to be so satiating:

  1. I am confident your current page view will increase day by day.


  2. Congrats Sir. You deserve many millions views.


  3. Well done, congratulations, Sir


  4. Congratulations Sir. Big achievement.


  5. Congratulations for the achievement.


  6. Sir it is your greatness that you deem your blog at the bottom in comparison to others regarding the number of readers. Others blog belongs to the people involved in mutual business and interested in projecting their products and ideology. Yours is a blog of the knowledge and learning giving a chance to understand the developments in new prospect and vision which improves the personality of your readers. It is not required to make comment on your followers. They are one from ‘Sawa Lakh Se Ek Ladau’ having overflowing regard for you. Sir you are the personified form of excellence and embodiment of human values. My heartiest congratulation and sadar charan sparsh.


    1. I do adore the way you have expressed yourself. My sincere thanks for a nice comment.


  7. I congratulate you sir for such splendid achievement and admire your simplicity and extricate nature by considering your knowledgeable blogs(from various fields) to be lower than anyone.


  8. Congrats Sir.


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