Ravan -the demon with a divine devotion:

Vijaya Dashmi, a most important festival in India every year was over only some time back. This is the festival celebrated in memory of Lord Ram’s victory over Srilanka’s Ravan. There are many an epics written in volumes on the topic –most important being the ones written by Goswami Tulsidas, and much earlier by Valmiki, a criminal turned sage. Valmiki, it is said, wrote about war between Ram and Ravan much before it actually happened. On many a points, Tulsidas has written contrary to what Valmiki did. Many hold a view that what Valmiki has written carries more of truth as he had done it through his divine power much before the actual occurrence perceiving in advance the whole story. I wrote an article, of course in Hindi, on the subject in another blog of mine, the relative link of which is given here under for a ready reference of the valued readers.



As pointed out to me by a reader in his comment on my above linked post, I made certain corrections to my original write-up. One such correction was in respect of the dispute whether or not Ram’s chariot, at a particular stage during war the war, got destroyed by Ravan during the fight. The logic, as given in the relative comment was that Ram had no chariot, and for that reason destroying it is out of question. Falling in line with what is questioned in the said comment, I have since corrected the very original post itself, and it now stands as the updated version of it in the above link. Readers opinions, affirmative or conflicting, on the subject are welcome.

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10 thoughts on “Ravan -the demon with a divine devotion:

    1. Hopefully, you are alright now. Wish you to keep a good health. My sincere thanks for your brief but a meaningful comment.


  1. Very important from a religious point.


  2. Ravan was a Devil but a great soul.


  3. Sir, I have not made thorough study of Valmiki Ramayan because its language i.e. in SANSKRIT but I too have listened that,what you have written in the article that Valmiki Ramayan was written much more earlier than the time of actual occurrence and now after perusal of your Blog I have decided to make study of this Ramayan also.
    As far contrary composition by Goswami Tulsi Das is concerned, I do not understand as such,of course ,I do not deny the possibility that those points would have set a side or ignored by Sri Goswami ji which have not been suited to him,because the Sri Tulsi Das was a devotee of Ram only.In regard to contrary version of Goswami ji,on the very starting of RAMCHARITRA MANAS,he wrote in his 7th SLOKE “NANA PURAN NIGMAGAM SAMMAT YDI / BHASHA NIBANDH MATI MANJUL MOTNOTI”.He wrote further at end of RAMCHARITRA MANAS / that ” GAWAT VED PURAN ASHTDAS CHHO (6) SASTRA SAB GRANTHAN KO RAS. MUNI JAN DHAN SANTAN KO SARBAS SAAR ANS SAMMAT SABHI KI //”
    In reference of Ram’s chariot,I am giving a discussion held betwwen Ram and Bibhishan “NATH NA RATH NAHI TAN PAD TRANA / KEHI BIDHI JITAB BEER BALWANA //”
    In regard to Ravan,as per RAMCHARITRA MANAS it is true that on a stage entire military including personals of Ram ran away from the battle field except Hanuman ji.It is also in the Ramayan that during the battle Ravan ropped to Ram & Laxman with total military and personals like Angad & Jamwant and they all became faint also when Ravan used his arrow NAGPASH,but here again Hanuman ji was uneffected and untouched & then on the efforts of Hanuman ji only the Ram & his army could come out from this problrm.
    Once again I want to come on the destruction of chariot of Ram,As a matter of fact the chariot of Ravan was destroyed by Ram,not Ram’s chariot by Ravan. Ravan became fainted two times,once when Hanuman ji given a strong stroke on the chest of Ravan and once again,he became faint also.But Ravan’s bravery is not at all & at any stage is not disputed,he was extremely learned and brave.and this the reasion thatRam came into existence & called Lord or God because the Ram was only who could win the Ravan in the war.


  4. Sir,In addition to my above comment on the Blog I want to express my view that this contrary version of Goswami ji can not costrued as some thing negative mainly for the reason he him self has clarified at end of the epic that what ever he wrote is the crux of different epics written on the topic.


  5. Sir your deep knowledge and reasoned analysis always inspire us to learn more and more from you. I have not read Valmiki Ramayan and also have no deep knowledge of Ram Charitra Manas. It is told the there are more many Ramayans depicting the Ram Charitra. It is undisputed that Ram was incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He came on earth to kill Ravan a great learned king but having some devilish character. Like other mortals his death was also certain but he was so great, brave and having some divine qualities that compelled God to incarnate himself and grant him mukti. As you have told that Valmiki ji wrote Ramayan before the Ram-Ravan war took place actually. This itself proves that the war and all the related events were fated to happen. Every religion and spirituals on the earth are relentlessly trying to explain God but God is God.
    Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta


    1. So well said. Thanks for nice comments.


  6. Nice piece of knowledge from Indian mythology beautiful to see your perfect analysis.


  7. Very nice.


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