The lion stopped roaring for ever!


A legend is no more. Baba Saheb Keshav Sitaram Bal Thackeray breathed his last at around 3.30 pm at his residence ‘Matoshree’ in Mumbai on 17th November’2012. As a charishmatically towering a personality of Mumbaikars, he had no parallel to his stature. He was called the ‘only lion’ by his followers. Born on 23rd January’1926 at Pune, he was a cartoonist turned politician. Initially he worked as a cartoonist in the office of the Free Press Journal along with R.K. Lakshman. Hitler was his favourite leader, and this he highlighted openly. He founded Shiv Sena. on 19th June’1966. He virtually ruled Mumbai as a king for nearly four and half a decade. He was forthright in his views and was outspoken. He was both a source of solace and a terror for many. I remember one instance when he called on the then Chairman of State Bank of India, R.K. Talwar, at its Central office in Mumbai. The news that he was visiting the Bank premises spread like a wild fire and it was an atmosphere of a total panic in the building. Talwar was with us in a bi-partite meeting. When he got the message, I saw him perspiring with a clear impression of fear on his face. Talwar himself had a great reputation of being a very strong personality as an executive, but he looked terribly shaken leaving the meeting in a huff to receive him.

The roar of the lion is now silenced for ever and the posterities will miss him for centuries to come. The political scenario of India, as it looks, has come to a stand still point in his death like it is sort of a vacuum. The departed soul, let us wish, rests in peace.


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10 thoughts on “The lion stopped roaring for ever!

  1. Sir. Bala Sahab Thakare an icon and iconoclast too having no dual personality like yours is no more now. You have paid a true tribute to the departed soul which had no parallel. I join with you sir. May his soul rest in peace.


  2. This is a big loss to the country.


  3. Mumbai has definitely lost a great fighter


  4. Sir, you are aware, we from Mumbai, were always have been with Shiv Sena, with Late Shri Balasaheb Thakaray as our leader. Sir, Maharashtra has lost a iconic personality. Sir,Balasaheb’s father Late Shri Keshav Sitaram Thakaray, known as “Probhodankar” was a great social reformist, a true follower of Jyotiba Phule and Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj. He had tremendous influence on Late Shri Balasaheb. When Balasaheb decided to form Shiv Sena on 19th June, 1966, it was his late father who suggested that the new organisation be christened as “Shiv Sena”. Sir, his father’s influence made Shri Balasaheb to believe that there are only two castes -” rich and poor”. Sir, in the death of Balasaheb, we have lost a true nationalist and a great fighter, a person who called spade a spade. Tks for your tribute to this great Indian. May Balasaheb Rest in Peace.


    1. You are every inch correct in your expression on Bala Saheb Thackeray. I didn’t ever meet him, but I personally feel a colossal pain on the loss. In him died the real ‘Ekta Tiger’ not of Mumbai alone but the whole country.


  5. I am shoked & am unable to express my feelings,I can say only that this vacuum in the country,especially in Mumbai can never be fulfilled . My entire feelings become silent when I see or remember the title of Blog on Balasaheb Thakery ” THE LION STOPPED ROARING FOR EVER.” I wish, this great nationalist may rest in peace.


  6. Probably this is a civil propriety to admire the man who made Mr. Talwar to shudder from fear who according to you had reputation of a very strong personality. I only imagine the pale faces and shaking legs of my Bhaiyyas and Bihari cousins. Rest in Peace Bala Saheb.


  7. I join you sir for paying tribute to Bala saheb Thackeray. Our nation will always feel the vacuum created by the loss of this man whose actions were always simultaneous to his feelings.May Bala Saheb rest in peace.


  8. R.I.P.


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