Is surgery really effective in diabetes?

Diabetes is an ailment quite slow but capable of causing much damage to the overall body system in the long run. Treatment for it are many with numerous medical systems but there are hardly any to give a desired cure for disease. Some even say that it is a mental disease and can well be cured if treated as such. The latest technique which has been developed by the researchers is the treatment via surgery. The experiments made till now on that count do not indicate very happy results. Those who are dependent on insulin can get rid of it after necessary surgery, which position lasts upto 5 years only, and there is every likelihood of the problem relapsing after the said duration. This process of the gastric by-pass surgery is thus the one not lasting much. Diabetics may have to still yet wait for some therapy to emerge that may give them necessary relief in real physical terms.

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12 thoughts on “Is surgery really effective in diabetes?

  1. Hmm interesting. I often wonder how soon the ability to grow new organs will help us.


  2. As someone afflicted, I shall not be going under the knife. In fact, I feel healthier than when younger. When I was first diagnosed, as a type 2, about 6 years ago. The diabetic nurse said, that it was a disease of aging. That if anyone were to live long enough, everyone would be so afflicted. Even so, I use insulin, exercise and take care of my diet; which has been vegetarian since my youth. Nearly fifty years.

    Actually I feel that I’ve been a diabetic since then, too. Because of how using insulin affects my energy levels today. In actuality I feel blessed. I might easily have been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, or some other debilitating condition? Instead, I enjoy serious walks, taiji, etc. As part of my treatment.

    I am aware of how obesity is linked to diabetes. Yet it is not correct to assume this is a constant factor, in the disease’s development. My last blood tests revealed that all my bodily levels of cholesterol, sodium, etc were excellent. My doctor was very complimentary about the blood glucose levels shown both in my records and the A1C test. I have tried a few remedies like cinnamon, etc. They help but so far, no cure. Lately, I’ve had my attention drawn to “Prickly Pear”. Which as soon as I track some down, intend to try. … Cheers!


    1. Very well explained, and I am very thankful to you for such a meaningful comment to the advantage of all the readers


      1. Thanks for your feedback. Also, my thanks to neelkanth for the blog and the research for it.


  3. Very useful information


  4. Something has to be done. We are emerging as Diabetes capital.


    1. Nice comment, but don’t fall sick just for the sake of your anxiety on some scientific development.


  5. Sir, since when i know you you are diabetic. But you have defeated this disease by your willpower and strict adherence to regulatory measures. Ones you have told that ‘Diabetes is a very bad disease but is very good in helping to keep the life regulated regarding diet, exercise and walking’. It is really a wonderful way of yours to extract good things from the bad things even like disease. Sir I am also a diabetic but it is laziness which is not sparing me. Though i always remember your advice. Condone me sir i am starting right now. Thanks for inspiration from your words and deeds.


    1. Whatever it is, disease after all a disease. You must not ignore it, no scope for any laziness. You have to be particular about it. Thanks for a nice comment.


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